Lindsay Lohan

September 14, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Toronto International Film Festival, Back On Drugs?

Lindsay Lohan canceled a Toronto International Film Festival appearance scheduled for Sunday to help promote her next film, “Inconceivable.” Is […] Read More
August 27, 2015

The Wedding Guest Wore White!

Who does this!? Lindsay Lohan was in Florence over the weekend for a friends wedding, and this is how she […] Read More
March 12, 2015

Lindsay Lohan is HORRIBLE at Photoshop (See Photo!)

Good Grief Lindsay! Lindsay Lohan shared photo of herself on Instagram and it appears that she’s toying with photo-editing software […] Read More
March 11, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Uses Racial Slur, Gets Slapped Hard

Lindsay Lohan continues to learn life the hard way. The 28-year-old actress posted the N word in an Instagram photo, […] Read More
January 26, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Faces Jail Once Again!

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. Lindsay was supposed to do 30 days community service by November 6th, but she’s […] Read More
January 19, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Strapped For Cash, Selling Esurance

Remember when Lindsay Lohan drove up a median and arrested for a DUI, then got arrested again after a wild […] Read More
September 15, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Touched Whitney Houston’s Body Bag

Lindsay Lohan claims that she was forced to handle Whitney Houston’s dead body after the iconic diva’s untimely drowning in […] Read More
September 8, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Sued… Again

Another day, another lawsuit. Lindsay Lohan has once again found herself in yet another legal battle. This time the troubled […] Read More
May 19, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Goes Topless In Cannes (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan loves Cannes. While chasing the dreams of a successful film career, the 27-year-old actress posed topless next to […] Read More
May 8, 2014

Sponsored Video: Find Your Perfect Fit With Triumph #StandUpForFit

When you cover Hollywood Red Carpet events, you can stand around for hours on end. That is not the time […] Read More
April 21, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Had A Secret Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan was almost somebody’s mother. “Lindsay” came to a dramatic conclusion on Sunday, with the actress admitting that she […] Read More
April 18, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Admits Sex List, Defends Her Mother (Video)

Lindsay Lohan‘s list of sexual conquests was originally said to be the result of a drunken night out with friends. […] Read More