Celebrity Crotch Shots

October 3, 2012

Terry Richardson Photographs Cameron Diaz For Her Birthday (Photos)

In celebration of turning 40-years-old this year, Cameron Diaz chose to grace the cover of Esquire magazine. The actress passed […] Read More
September 24, 2012

Sofia Vergara Shares Wardrobe Malfunction On Twitter (Photo)

Sofia Vergara had a wardrobe malfunction during the Emmys last night. Right after the 40-year-old actress took the stage with […] Read More

Kanye West Has TWO Sex Tapes!

Apparently, Kanye West loves to film himself doing it… It was recently reported that the rapper had a sex tape […] Read More
September 21, 2012

Kanye West Has A Sex Tape Too! (Photo)

Well it looks lie Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have more in common than we thought. Yes they’re both self-centered, […] Read More
September 2, 2012

Courtney Stodden Turned Down By Playboy (Video)

Courtney Stodden, you know the girl who got married to a 52-year-old actor when she was 16, has just been […] Read More
August 28, 2012

Prince Harry’s Naked Stunt Caught On Video!

The drama is far from over for the Royal family’s ginger haired prince, who realized the hard way that what […] Read More
August 21, 2012

Prince Harry Gets Naked In Vegas (Photos)

Let’s just call this photographic evidence — Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Prince Harry and some […] Read More
August 14, 2012

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Gets $100K Porn Offer

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s life is basically in the crapper… He was arrested for physically attacking his wife, his team the […] Read More
July 31, 2012

Olympic Gymnast, Danell Leyva, Nude Photo Scandal – NSFW

While you are watching the elite of the world’s elite twirl around a pommel horse and getting deductions for not […] Read More
July 25, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen Denies Sex Tape, But Nude Photos Do Exist

Carly Rae Jepsen is denying allegations of a sex tape, but as it turns out she is turning to police […] Read More
June 20, 2012

Octomom Porn Released Online (Watch Trailer Here)

The moment the world has all been waiting for (so they could hide) has finally arrived… Octomom’s self-pleasure porno has […] Read More
June 18, 2012

Shia LaBeouf Goes Nude For Art Film (NSFW)

Shiah LeBeouf is going full frontal in his latest project, a very abstract and very NSFW music video. This is […] Read More