Lindsay Lohan’s Stolen Computer Is Full Of Nudes!

Lindsay Lohan's Stolen Computer Is Full Of Nudes!Lindsay Lohan is freaking out!

Someone stole her computer and now she’s a afraid her nudes are going to leak… wait, haven’t we already seen Lindsay nude? Like, multiple times.

Anyways, the troubled star claims that her computer was taken at an airport in Shanghai, China and now she’s offering up a reward for its return.

She didn’t specify what the reward would be, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than a pack of cigarettes and a copy of “The Parent Trap.”

According to reports, Lindsay says the nudes are from various photo shoots that were never meant for release.

Okay, whatever you say Lindsay. *cough-cough* Sextape!

Also, Lindsay says there are a bunch of private conversations with other celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Woody Allen on the computer, which she obviously wants to keep private.

Good luck with this one Linds.

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  • http://Website Shiny

    Maybe I won’t have that laser surgery and stay half blind.

  • http://Www.icydk.com Jocelyn

    I wish she’d cut her hair toe doing something new….