Introducing the “Seriously Cyrus” YouTube Channel (Video)

Introducing the 'Seriously Cyrus' YouTube Channel

Miley Cyrus‘ family wants a piece of the action.

On Saturday, Miley’s family officially launched their “Seriously CyrusYouTube channel.

In a welcome video, Miley’s parents Tish and Billy Ray, along with Brandi, brother Trace and sister Noah, reveal they’ll be posting weekly videos to the page featuring everything from music to advice.

Tish will be hosting a show called “Truly Tish,” which looks like a talk show. Then there’s Billy Ray’s segment “Sunday Sessions,” which will hopefully include a cover of “Wrecking Ball.”

It’s unclear whether Braison or Miley will have any involvement.

With Noah remaking classic movie scenes (the “twerk” on her shirt is a nice touch), Billy Ray playing the guitar, and Brandi doing a social media round-up, the family’s new project seems like it has something for everyone.

Everyone except me, that is.

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    It doesn’t sound particularly interesting!

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    Oh good grief.