Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Outed by Alleged Boyfriend (Photos)

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Outed by Alleged Boyfriend

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers allegedly has a boyfriend and the boyfriend is tired of hiding their relationship.

According to The Fame Driven, a number of now-deleted tweets from the Twitter account of Kevin Lanflisi, the man who worked as Rodgers’ “personal assistant” and lived in his home as “a roommate” for the last several years, reveal the truth about their relationship.

Rodgers first referred to Lanflisi as his “roommate” in a 2008 interview, saying they “just hit it off” when Lanflisi was interning for the Packers. “He’s been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football,” he said. “Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do.”

Reportedly their relationship is now in turmoil as a result of the botched mass NFL outing scheduled over the summer. Rodgers was allegedly one of the men involved, and his backing out at the last minute infuriated Lanflisi, shattering their relationship.

It might have been a woman.

Rodgers and girlfriend Destiny Newton have reportedly been dating for a couple of years and rumors surfaced during the 2013 off-season suggesting that the couple became engaged.


Meanwhile, Rodgers received medical clearance on Thursday and will make his long-awaited return on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Rodgers hasn’t played since the last meeting between Chicago and Green Bay in Week 9. He started that game, but suffered a fractured collarbone on the first drive when he was sacked.

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Jen | December 29th, 2013

OOF. Hell hath no fury like a secret lover scorned.

DD | December 29th, 2013

Yeah I heard he was serious with some chick.

Erin | December 29th, 2013

Wow the plot thickens! Sounds like a candidate for the next “reality” show.

BusyBee | December 29th, 2013

Even if they were “in a romantic relationship” it would still be very inappropriate and weird for him to take photos and post them wearing his ring. Sounds very… stalker.

Annemarie | December 30th, 2013

You just know this is going to get nasty.

Jody | December 30th, 2013

Strange, seems like there is more to the story.

Robyn | December 30th, 2013

Has he not been dating someone for along time.

Jocelyn | December 30th, 2013

OMG he’s so hot!

MHU | December 30th, 2013

He’s been dating someone forever, not that that matters much anymore

DD | December 30th, 2013

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.