Katy Perry Dressed Up As Justin Bieber For Halloween (Photo)

Katy Perry Dressed Up As Justin Bieber For Halloween

What did Katy Perry dress up as for Halloween?

Katy dressed up as Justin Bieber, no doubt in celebration of surpassing Bieber as Twitter’s most popular celebrity.

Perry now has just over 46.5 million followers on Twitter to Bieber’s 46.49 million, ending his nine-month reign as the most-followed user on the social media site.

Lady Gaga‘s 40.4 million followers puts her third.

Perry recently talked about her social media strategy, “I’ve learned how to ride social media … I feel like I’ve learned how to tame that social media dragon,” Perry told USA Today.

“When you decide to have a glass of wine, put the phone down. Don’t drink and tweet. Don’t be self-indulgent. Don’t use it just to promote yourself. That’s boring.”

Sounds like good advice to me.

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  • http://Website Emily

    Well, this is just brilliant.

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    I love her facial expression.

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    Super cute!

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    She looks so cute!

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    OMG How cool is that!

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    Brilliant, she really looks like him.

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    OMG that’s hilarious! How cute is she!

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    She nailed it!

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    I am scared by how much she looks like him.

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    I wonder what he thought about that.

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    It’s cute but why would you dressing up like justin bieber for Halloween.