Katherine McPhee Cheating with Married Director ?!

I was sitting here warring about whether I should bring you the news that Pauly D has love child or Katharine McPhee is kissing her married former “Smash” director, Michael Morris. Both seemed like surprise parties your Aunt Yetta planned with her canasta group while you were passed out on her plastic covered couch after dressing up as the slutty nurse for a Halloween party and having one too many beverages.

katherine mcphee

In the end, Katherine won because a former ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member fathering a love child just doesn’t beat home-wrecking squared…

Katherine and Michael seemed to be happily married to other people, but TMZ has photos of the two kissing in a not so Hey-lets-do-lunch-next-Tuedsay kinda way. McPhee’s marriage to a 47-year-old producer, Nick Cokas, is rumored to be in the “separated” stages.

However, Morris is married to Mary McCormack and they have 3 little girls. No tales of splitting or signs of a previous separation there.

TMZ notes that the two were kissing in public, in broad daylight with paps looming around. So, I’m guessing this “affair” isn’t as scandalous as everyone wants it to be. They followed their mini-makeout with “cuddling and hand holding.”

Ew. Some people are just so perverse.

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  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com DD

    Wow, this is shocking!

  • http://celebdirtylaundry.com Jody

    She has always seemed like a bit of a sleezy biatchy. I am not surprised.

  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    What a selfish witch, I cannot stand her!

  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com Danity

    She is annoying.

  • Jen

    I can’t believe she’s being so blatant about it!

  • http://Website Sandy

    Scum…both of them. And he has here little girls at home. PIG.

  • http://Website Emily

    Well, this seems mighty awkward.

  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com DD

    I wonder what her publicist has to say about this!

  • http://www.busybeeblogger.com BusyBee

    I wonder what will happen to HIS career. Oh yeah, nothing will change.

  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    Man, this really upsets me that she would do this…

  • http://MHU MHU

    She would be ashamed of herself

  • http://Website Pamela

    Not cool, but both are to blame!