Miley Cyrus’ Terry Richardson Photoshoot

We haven’t seen Miley Cyrus running around like a demented imp licking things while in her underoos in the last 10 minutes, so here is another round of that mess.

miley cyrus terry richardson photos

Since her twerkocolypse at the MTV VMA’s that launched a thousand comparisons pics from Cynthia circa ‘Rugrats’ to a giraffe, she hasn’t seem to put on a extra stitch of clothes. Her video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ features her riding a wrecking ball naked, licking a sledgehammer and crying. (I am guessing it is because she can’t find her bra.) Click HERE to watch that Terry Richardson directed video…

Terry also used the time to take a spread of photos featuring Cyrus in her underwear. He posted the pics to his site and added a few extra “behind the scenes” images. They include Miley sucking on 2 cigarettes, licking the air and shaving her arm pits.

How edgy.

miley cyrus shaving her pits miley cyrus smoking two cigarettes miley cyrus terry richardson photos miley cyrus terry richardson photos 2 miley cyrus terry richardson photos 3 miley cyrus terry richardson photos 4 miley cyrus terry richardson photos 5 miley cyrus terry richardson photos 6 miley-cyrus-underwear-terry-richardson-6 header miley-cyrus-underwear-terry-richardson-6 miley-cyrus-underwear-terry-richardson-7 miley-cyrus-underwear-terry-richardson-8 miley-cyrus-underwear-terry-richardson-9

Images Via: Terry’s Diary

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Annemarie | September 11th, 2013

What is it with her and that stupid tongue???