Lady Gaga Says “Ignore The Bloggers”

Welcome Back Lady Gaga's Eyebrows

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are about to release two of the most hyped releases of the year, ‘ARTPOP’ and ‘Prism’.

In celebration, Gaga’s upcoming single “Applause” and Perry’s latest trackRoar” leaked early this weekend.

Gaga took to Twitter on Saturday evening [welcome back Gaga's eyebrows] to speak out against the alleged leak, and to bash the bloggers for criticizing.

“Don’t focus on ANY blogger criticism. I have been a producer / songwriter / musician for over 10 years. Trust the artist, bloggers are not critics.”

The critics have compared the song [listen here] to Madonna‘s most recent singles “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and “Girl Gone Wild.”

Gaga continued, “The fans + music scholars are the best critics because they know the artist intimately. #STOPHarassingTheArtist we are here to entertain you.”

Fans never criticize? Bloggers can’t be fans?

Meanwhile, Gaga has declared that it will be “not acceptable” for people to listen to her forthcoming new album ‘ARTPOP‘ on their computer speakers. It’s that good.

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