It’s Not Too Late To Catch @SummerBreak

It's Not Too Late To Catch SummerBreak

@SummerBreak follows the lives of several Westside teens who graduated from high school this year and are enjoying their last summer before heading off to college.

Launched on June 17th, “@SummerBreak” leverages Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, but YouTube is where short, produced clips featuring the teens in social situations are posted.

There’s currently over 143,000 followers on Twitter alone!

“People have their phones in their hands all day and all night, and these social platforms are really the way that young people communicate with each other,” said Billy Parks, the show’s producer. “It’s the way they tell stories and share information.”

Viewers can currently track the show’s nine stars — Nia, Ray, Trevis, Alex, Clara, Zaq, Lena, Kostas and Connor — 20 hours per day via social media mainstays. A crew of approximately 50 monitors the cast’s tweets, videos and pictures with HootSuite and Dropbox tools.

The teens were selected using traditional reality-TV casting methods, including recruitment at schools and sporting events. In addition to seeking kids who are attractive on camera, the producers also judged their savviness at social media.

It’s not too late to experience the parties, beaches, road trips, drama, summer romances and break-ups.

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