Lindsay Lohan Sad Birthday Self Love

Wow. Just when you think Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get any sadder than being tweaked out in court wearing too much unflattering blush…she goes and highlights the fact no one cares about her birthday.

lindsay lohan twitter

The Huffington Post sent a birthday tweet out to Larry David and Lindsay Lohan couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be that girl. She sent out tweet reminding the media outlet that she is VIP and deserves birthday well wishes too and if she doesn’t get them she is not above sneaking in the backdoor and getting them herself. It reminds me of those attention whores in preschool who try and rain on your birthday candles with shouts of MAH BIRFDAY IS NEXT WEEK!.

If that doesn’t make you weep into your morning Kashi, Lindsay was denied a birthday party by those pesky people at the Cliffside rehab facility in Malibu. They didn’t trust her enough to let her go out to dinner either, so all she got was a visit from her attorney.

I imagine her requests to be freed for her “special day” were met with ample amounts of laughter and the explanation: “Bitch we had to take all the cleaning products out of your room because you were doing shots of Tilex and snorting Comet! You think we are going to let you loose into the world?! BWHAHAHA!”

Seriously Lindsay. Remain silent on the subject and hold it over everyone’s head a week later. Birthday present quality is amplified by 10 when you get forgotten! Damn. I thought you were a master manipulator.

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