Drake – WOULD YOU LIKE A TOUR? – Win Tickets!


How would you like to win tickets for one of the most anticipated tours of 2013?

Drake is embarking on a 41-city North American arena tour starting this fall. The tour is in support of Drake’s highly anticipated upcoming album release NOTHING WAS THE SAME and will feature rising R&B star Miguel – who will support on all dates – and other special guests including rapper Future.

Miguel, who not only caused a stir with his performance of “Adorn” at the Grammy Awards in February but is also on the new Mariah Carey single “Beautiful.”

WOULD YOU LIKE A TOUR? will follow the launch of Drake’s new album NOTHING WAS THE SAME, which continues to generate buzz since the release of the album’s first track “Started From The Bottom.” The hit single burned up the charts and landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Drake has since released two more songs, “5AM in Toronto” and “Girls Love Beyonce,” directly to fans online via OctobersVeryOwn.net.

It’s a show you won’t want to miss!


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For more information about the tour, including how to get tickets visit: http://bit.ly/11qjTlK

    * SorryU.S. or CAN residents only age 13 or older!

    * Tickets are limited for each city. In the event that a show is sold out, the winner may have to choose an alternate city. –

    * No purchase necessary – To enter, submit all required information on the entry form. Winner will be selected at random. Be sure to include a valid email address.

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  • http://Website Diana C

    What’s your favorite Drake song?

    Drake is my man!!!! I must say my favorite song is Headlines :)

  • http://Website Miguel

    So excited for this concert… HOPE TO WIN THESE TICKETS!!

  • http://Twitter.com/RHOfined Ronesha

    My favorite Drake song is Replacement Girl. Before Aubrey Graham was Drake and he was just Wheelchair Jimmy, this song featuring Trey Songz was in heavy rotation on my playlist. I love both the old and the new Drake and it all started (for me) with Replacement Girl.

  • http://Website Yerko Ruiz

    What’s your favorite Drake song? Shut it down .

  • Miranda Longoria

    I hope I win these tickets! Aubrey Drake Graham is my most favorite music artist of all time!! My favorite songs are “Look What You’ve Done”, “Paris Morton Music”, and “Fireworks” ft. Alicia Keys. I’m only 14, but I want to go to this concert soo badly. SO EXCITED, either way I’ll find a way to go c: aha

  • Amy

    What’s my favorite Drake song? You can’t just ask ME that question and expect me to answer with ONE song. I literally love all of Drake’s music. I have been a fan of his for about 4 years, since I was 12 and my love has grown throughout the years. The saddest part is, I’ve NEVER been to a Drake concert :( But anyway to answer the question if I had to pick just ONE song it would be Find Your Love. I love everything about that song. When I turn 18 I plan on getting ‘Find Your Love’ tatted in French. It’s my second language :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/bridgemacdonald Bridgette

    What is my favourite Drake song? An easier question would be ‘what isn’t my favourite Drake song?’ I love them all. I have all his mixtapes, all the songs he’s featured in, all his albums, everything. I love his music, it really speaks to me.

  • Jade

    My favorite Drake song is definitely “Take Care”

  • Grace

    All of them! But if you forced me maybe Marvin’s room my fav drake feature might be moment for life with nicki!

  • http://Website Amoni


  • http://Website Tricia

    5am in Toronto is probably my favorite song!

  • Terri

    So excited!

  • http://Website Anne

    Shut It Down; no doubt!

  • http://Website Jazmin Sandoval

    How can just one Drake song be my favorite!? His whole album is all I play on the daily! Marvin’s room, shot for me, look what you’ve done, headlines, his verse in snoop lions song! It’s all legit! It’d be a dream come true to see him live! Please make me the lucky winner!<3

  • http://Website Jada

    My favorite Drake song would have to be Free Spirit :)

  • http://Website Amoni

    What’s your favorite Drake song ? My favorite drake song would probably have to be started from the bottom lol but i also like miss me , the real her, money to blow, and a lot more. ik almost all of the lyrics to his songs haha and i even have a playlist ^.^ but I’m not about to sit here and talk about my love for drake music wise, i just really want those tickets tho :) so i hope you choose ne

  • http://Website Rachel Jenkins

    What’s your favorite drake song? My favorite drake song would have to be between two different songs. It would have to be between Marvin’s room which I still listen to every day, and 5am in Toronto. The reason I like these two different songs is because it shows how unique drake is and how he can change his style up but still have it to relate to everyone. I have always been such a big fan and would love to win these tickets to see him!

  • http://Website Rachel Jenkins

    What’s your favorite drake song? This is a hard decision because drake makes such good music. But if I had to choose it would come down to Marvin’s room and 5am in Toronto. These two songs are very different but that’s why I choose these two songs. This shows how unique drake is and how he can change his style up in music and still make it relatable to everyone. Just like everyone else entering this contest I’m a huge drake fan, but I really would love to win these tickets and see him in concert

  • http://Website Rachel Jenkins

    What’s your favorite Drake song? If i had to choose, my favorite drake song would come between Marvins room and 5am in Toronto. The reason why I choose these songs not only because I love them, is because it shows how unique drake is and how he can change his style up in music and still make it relate able to everyone. Just like everyone else trying to win these tickets, I am a huge fan, but hopefully I can win them!

  • Kayla

    Drake is amazing . He’s a very talented rapper. His verses are Real, he speaks truth and expresses his emotions with life & relationships. He’s very deep.

  • http://Website Kayla

    My favorite Drake song would have to be Find Your Love or Houstatlantavegas

  • http://Website amy

    Shut It Down;

  • Derek Timm

    My favorite would have to be Marvin’s Room!

  • Mihaela

    My favorite Drake song is definitely “Take Care”

  • Scarlett G

    My favorite song is shut it down.

  • http://Website Matthew Pearl

    Headlines is my favorite.

  • http://Website Katie

    Marvin’s room is my favorite!

  • http://star95011.blogspot.com/ cassandra mccann

    my favorite Drake song is everyone of them and it is not fair to judge lol

  • http://www.laurenpaints.com Lauren

    I love Marvin’s room. :)

  • http://Website Taylor Smith

    My ABSOLUTE favorite Drake song is Fireworks! I could listen to it all day long.

  • http://Website Lyndsey R.

    My favorite song is Take Care.

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  • Lisa Fonseca

    My favorite song is Headlines.

  • http://Website Christian Alejandro

    Take Care!

  • http://Website Erica Boscio

    I love so many but favorite would have to be Headlines

  • Ashley

    My favorite Drake song is Look What You’ve Done.

  • http://Website natasha

    my favorite is “Take Care”

  • http://Website Ashley Morrissey

    Marvin’s Room, Headlines, there are so many more!!!

  • http://Website Colin

    Fireworks. I sing it to my fiance all the time

  • http://Website Heidi

    My favorite Drake song is Headlines!

  • http://Website Jada Edwards

    I have loved Drake since 4th grade i would absolutely love to go to his concert My favorite song would have to be Shut It Down

  • http://Website Mariah Campos

    Please pick me to win tickets to the Would you like a tour concert. Drake has been my FAVORITE artist ever since his album “room for improvement”. My favourite song of his would have to be “over my dead body” I would love to see my idol live!

  • Dominique Anderson

    My favorite drake song would be headlines. I have LOoooooVED Drake since his DeGrassi. He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Tania

    My favorite song of drake right now in this moment is “underground kings ” in take care <3
    Need this … OvO

  • Jasmine.M

    I have loved Drake since forever. I was always his biggest fan even when he was on Degrassi. I love him even more when you he started making music. I honestly could not choose between any of his songs becuase all of Them are my favorite because I love and know all of his songs by heart! It would mean the world to me you chose me to go to Drakes concert in LA!! I would literally burst into tears if i won. Please pick me it would mean the World to me :)

  • Jennifer Dupree

    November 3 – Raleigh, NC – PNC Arena
    Looking for Drake ticket giveaways for the listed show date. I’ve been looking to buy but way too expensive, please let me know if there are more give aways! I would love to spoil my boyfriend with a fun night out for our year and a half anniversary!

  • http://Website Jessica D.

    Drake’s best music are the songs that aren’t so main stream. My personal favorite is “Shut it Down.”

  • lysandraw

    My favorite drake song is little bit ft. lykke li off of so far gone. I think its unique and that’s the first time i saw him mix different genres of music with hip hop while singing and rapping. Loved it!

  • http://Website Alexis

    I love july with jhene aiko from the comeback season but his latest from time and wort behavior also fireworks and the resistance and club paradise brias interlude, look what youve done. I mean all classics and all favorites. Drake has he i’m on one club hitta songs but he also has his deep emotional lyrics that does fit your mood and he is just creative and thats what caught my eye from him.