Blind Items: Bad Breath, Bad Romance

This A-/B+ starlet is notorious for her bad breath. She thanks genetics and a vigorous workout regimen for her slim figure, but the real reason behind the halitosis and lean body is bulimia. [Allie Is Wired]


These two former costars have been quietly dating. He has been open from the start of their relationship that he wanted to keep things very casual and didn’t want to go public with their romance. She has fallen hard and hopes for a ring. He has told pals he never wants to get married, but she is doing everything she can to keep cupid’s bow pointed at her. [Allie Is Wired]

Which picture-perfect Hollywood pair likes to invite lucky strangers into bed for three-ways and has their assistants outfit their hotel suites with plastic sheets ahead of the encounters?” [Page Six]

Blanche’s Guess: This is a tough one…I will go with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Maybe it was kinky sexy times that actually resulted in Kyra’s ouchie finger. Click HERE for more on that…But Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum seem to fit better.

This family is very famous, with branches of the family tree reaching into entertainment, fashion, and the media. And there is a big family fight going on right now over a s*x tape that one of the younger members of the family wants to release!

The family has banded together to try to prevent a s*x tape featuring one of the foxy young girls in the family from ever seeing the light of day. They are trying everything from bribes to legal measures to try to prevent this tape from hitting the market.

We’ve got some news for the family: Given how determined the girl is to release it, there may not be enough silver in the world to keep their family’s reputation intact!” [Blind Gossip Exclusive]

Blanche’s Guess: Ooo, I like this one. I am going with the Vanderbilt family. I noted the “silver” clue and the use of “foxy” which leads me to Anderson Cooper the Silver Fox.

Apparently, a certain “prince” has an arrangement with his wife that allows him to get “fresh” in the company of other people.” [Lainey Gossip via Toronto Life]

Blanche’s Guess: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Which A-list male celebrity is being refused cloths by several fashion houses after recent samples have been returned soiled!

The actor has recently lost a lot of weight, telling everyone that a strict diet and regular visits to the gym are behind his new body of steel. However, insiders say the young action star has been cheating and using laxatives to make himself look amazing on the screen.

Not only does he have a leakage problem, but the young stud also has an odor problem – as he cannot stop farting!” [Naughty But Nice Rob]

Blanche’s Guess: Matthew McConaughey comes to mind, but he doesn’t fit the “young action star.” Jonah Hill also fits until you arrive at the same clue.

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  • http://www.bohomoth.com Jen

    The first one has to be Gwyneth Paltrow, surely?

  • http://Allieiswired,blinditem2 Lulu

    2 item, former costars quietly dating. This is not an X-File but the costars were. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson is the answer.