Beyonce Snubs Robert Pattinson’s Request to Meet

Beyonce has refused Robert Pattinson passage to her backstage presence. Alert the church elders!

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Remember when everyone was all, “Ermahgerd! Sparklebeast is dating someone who is not that pasty gothic pixie!” He was spotted playing ping pong and going home with Riley Keough. Rob also hit up a Beyonce concert. Perez theorized that Rob had his new lady waiting inside so they could be more covert. That theory was wrong as the Twilight star partied with a couple of guy friends.

Now, the story is growing as rumors are swirling that Beyonce gave Pattinson a hair flip coupled with a “HELL NO” in response to his request to meet her backstage…

He was at the concert with four dudes, smoking, but in a great mood,” a backstage eyewitness tattled to In Touch. “He was trying to get into the Beyoncé meet and greet, but he didn’t have the right credentials and he didn’t make it in!

I can just picture how this went…

Minion: “Beysus, my Lady-Lord, Robert Pattinson wishes to give thanks for your sharing your magnificence with the world today.”
Beyonce: “Who? Is that the kid who was on ‘The Wonder Years’????
Minion: “No, he is the guy from ‘Twilight’ who looks like he smells like cigarettes, sweat and Coors Light.”
Beyonce: “Bitch, that doesn’t narrow it down! Tell him I said “Maybe next time,” but then give him a raised eyebrow and a hip pop as you walk away that says NEVAH GONNA HAPPEN.

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  • http://Website Emily

    This is wrong, Beyonce should be the one trying to meet Robert Pattinson. He is that great.