The Killing Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Eminent Domain’ – 6/30/13 RECAP


The Killing returns to AMC tonight with its sixth episode of the third season.

On tonight’s episode called, “Eminent Domain” Sarah and Holder catch up to the latest victim. Seward comes face to face with his past. Out in The Jungle, Bullet struggles with the truth. If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode, you can read our full and detailed recap RIGHT HERE!

On last week’s show Seward’s role started to heat up. Holder’s new informant, Bullet, was called upon again. More and more, there were connections between the current case and Linden’s past and the reason why Seward was locked up. The task force shut down a business; Sarah and Holder united in their pursuit of “the voice;” Seward was offered motivation to comply with orders.

In tonight’s show from the preview they are trying to link Joe and Ray together. Linden tells Ray that she knows he did not kill his own wife; it just so confusing. I have no idea what to expect because the girl in the hospital says, the man said he’d save her, does that mean Joe really is a bad guy? I have no idea what to believe. Linden and Holder are hoping the latest victim will be able to tell them enough to bring in the right guy.

We will be live blogging The Killing Episode 3 beginning tonight at 9PM EST.


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Too_much_TV | June 30th, 2013

The Killing Episode 306 really took a step backwards this season. With the new one season format, I was hoping for a departure from last season, which were filled with scenes that were simply there to kill time before the finale. However, that’s exactly what we get in this episode. The whole thing with Bullet was a total waste of time. The scenes with Callie’s mother led nowhere. They don’t even show what happened after she finds her daughter’s cell phone and Mills sneaks up behind her. She simply tells Linden that she barely escaped with her life.

The rest of the scenes were Veena Sud’s futile attempts at character development. Did we know anything more after tonight’s episode that we didn’t know before it started? Do we know anything more about any of the characters that we didn’t already know before the episode started? No, and no. It was as if we could have skipped this episode altogether and yet still be up to date on this season.

movie fanatic | July 3rd, 2013

I really love this show! This episode was a filler episode. But nonetheless good one.