Lady Gaga Sued By French Artist For Plagiarism (Photos)

Lady Gaga Sued By French Artist For Plagiarism

Lady Gaga is being sued for being un-original.

French artist ORLAN, well-known for using her body as a tool for her art, is suing Lady Gaga for plagiarism, saying the singer has counterfeited THREE (3) of her works through her Born This Way tour and in her Born This Way video.

One of Gaga’s thefts – the idea of wearing face implants that ORLAN infamously got through a surgery-performance in the 90s.

Another, the 1996 installation “Woman with head“, that has apparently been “copied” by Gaga through one of the BTW video sequences.

ORLAN – Woman with head

ORLAN - Woman with head

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Lady Gaga in Born This Way

ORLAN is seeking for $31.5 million in damages. Ouch.

Do you think she has a case?

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  • Queen K

    LOL! Hope he plans to lose. Can you say “thirsty”. Im done with people.

  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    Oh good Lord

  • http://Website Ty

    Lmao, that girl is so THIRSTY! xD, she plans to sue for $31.5 Mill? That is like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, she acts as if no one before her (in the 90s) thought about face implants! And the head thing, Gaga is just acting as if her head is on the shelf like everyone else’s, but apparently, Gaga has a body, so she’s not just a head. Does she honestly thing she’s going to win against Gaga?

  • http://Website Cruz

    Uhm. WHAT? You are not the first person to use face implants for art. Do you not remember the circle David Bowie wore on his forehead?

    And even if Lady Gaga did steal the idea from this woman, you are about 2 years too late. Good lord.