Ke$ha’s Jewelry Collection Includes Real Human Teeth (Photo)

Ke$ha's Jewelry Collection Includes Real Human Teeth

Ke$ha is about to launch her new jewelry line, which includes real human teeth.

Ke$ha once made a headdress out of her fans’ teeth, so it should come as no surprise.

The Cannibal Collection has pieces including a gold cast tooth charm bracelet, tooth earrings, a tooth pendant and a tooth ring.

In addition to Cannibal, collections include Kesha Rose (pink and blue roses and skulls), Out Alive (red roses and skulls mostly made of obsidian), Wonderland (gold hardware and blue stars), Animal (gold hardware and fossil shark teeth), Warrior (obsidian, turquoise, and pearl arrowheads, roses and skulls) and supernatural (jasper, pyrite and opal in gold hardware with more arrowheads, teeth and skulls).

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Ke$ha's Jewelry Collection - Real Human Teeth Ke$ha's Jewelry Collection - 2 Ke$ha's Jewelry Collection - 3

Kesha Rose by Charles Albert is a jewelry line designed by popstar Ke$ha and will launch August 2013.

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