Josh Hutcherson Dating His Co-Star – Kissing PHOTO

WTF Peeta! Ok, I am not that deep into the ‘Twilight’ factor of celebrity couples, but every time I see Josh Hutcherson I envision the wide-eyed kid from ‘The Hunger Games‘ looking like some adorable terrier who just wants Jennifer Lawrence to THROW THE BALL! PLEASE THROW IT!

josh hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson is a busy fella’ and was caught kissing his “Paradise Lost” co-star, Claudia Traisac. The two were strolling L.A. on Saturday and spent the day together. They were very flirty and didn’t skimp on the PDA according to reports. The NY Daily News shared the photo of the two kissing much to the disappointment of his fans with a celebrity crush.

In the past, Josh was linked to Sophia Bush and Vanessa Hudgens, but both ladies denied dating The Hutcherson. ‘Hunger Games’ fans have also tried to link him to JLaw, but the two are just co-stars and friends. He was also once linked to Selena Gomez, but that was also a fluke.

What do you think of Josh’s new gal? (Ugh, I used the word “gal.” That officially makes me an old fart, doesn’t it?)

UPDATE: I had to take the pic down because I don’t want to be served, sued, screwed, buried, exhumed, reserved, re-sued, re-screwed and buried again. Click HERE for the image…

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  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    LOL on why you took the photo down :-) Hard to believe Josh is old enough to date!