Did Kim Kardashian LIE About Her Due Date ?!

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl this weekend. Kanye West was able to celebrate Father’s Day with his child in his arms. For once, I pity the girl as that baby’s head must have been gigantic.

Kim Kardashian Gives Away Kitty Mercy Then It Dies

According to reports, Kim’s baby was 5 weeks early. Get the hose out because she is a liar, liar pants on fire according to sources. They state that Kim lied about her actual due date so she could “throw off paparazzi,” but we all know a Kardashian will eat a Hobo’s foot for press. She really wanted to avoid any issues the pregnancy could have caused with her divorce.

According to rumors, the birth was a planned event and Kim gave birth “naturally.” No c-sections, but I bet that bitch had proper lighting. I am surprised this wasn’t live streamed, but then again the birth of little Kash Kow Kardshian is just in time for a decent season finale.

There is still no name, but you can bet on E!, home of their reality show, making the official announcement.

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Roberta | June 17th, 2013

I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about stuff…her sex tape was “leaked”, remember? lol

Jen | June 17th, 2013

I pity the child being born purely to promote the show and to hide the fact that Kanye’s gay.

CC | June 17th, 2013

Momma’s baby daddy’s maybe WHY DO WE GIVE so much credit to these people in the real world she’d be called a hoe she gets by because she’s on tv & a reality show at that !! All that money & still uneducated & trashy !!

Annemarie | June 17th, 2013

Of course she lied, this is Kim Kardashian we are talking about people…

jody | June 17th, 2013

who can say – she lies so much

cathy | June 17th, 2013

I think she lied about the due date – and very funny big head comment.

Pamela | June 18th, 2013

It seems like a huge lie that they’re trying to cover up!

DD | June 18th, 2013

Pretty sure she did.

Jocelyn | June 18th, 2013

I’d say no she didn’t lie – because her baby was born under 5 pounds…

Pamela | June 20th, 2013

It seems they now have a more believable story about her having a condition..

Ali | June 20th, 2013

The only thing I can say is, aside from being premature, at least the baby is healthy.