Dance Moms ‘Two Girls, One Solo’ – 6/11/13 RECAP

Dance Moms 'Two Girls One Solo'

Dance Mons returns to Lifetime tonight with a new episode called, “Two Girls, One Solo.”

On tonight’s show after last week’s big fight, Christi and Kelly come to the realization that their friendship will never be the same again. If you missed the drama of last week, we have your recap RIGHT HERE!!

On last show Abby plays matchmaker setting Brooke up with the senior dancers. After patching up their friendship, Kelly and Christi faced a point of no return when they argued again. Cathy readied her team to take on the Abby Lee Dance Company but discovered there’s a rotten apple among the bunch.

On tonight’s show Abby’s decision to have Maddie and Chloe dance the exact same solo shocks the moms and promises to finally prove who is the best dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company. After last week’s big fight, Christi and Kelly come to the realization that their friendship will never be the same again. Meanwhile, the theme of this week’s group number brings out painful memories for Abby and the moms.

Tonight’s Season 3 Episode 22 is going to be another drama packed one, you won’t want to miss it!


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Teri Tolczyk | June 11th, 2013

I don’t understand how Christie even keeps Chloe in this dance Group. Abby is so blatantly biased toward Maddie that even when Chloe wins a competition Abby makes sure her win is overturned. she ought to be ashamed of herself for the way she treats this sweet little girl. She’s so in love with Asia and Maddie that’s who she should keep. The rest of the girls should walk. I can’t stand Abby and her lies. She actually lied about the fact that she went to the judges of the competition and had them change the counts. And even when the judge actually came in and said she called their attention to this she acted as if nothing happened. shame on the disgusting woman. she has to grow up.

Leah | June 11th, 2013

My heart broke the way Abby went about Chloe’s win. I seriously think that Christi should take her daughter somewhere else. I cannot believe how blatant Abby is towards Chloe when it comes to treating Maddie like she is way too good and like it is impossible for Chloe to beat Maddie. I hope Karma comes back for Abby and I hope she takes a fatal hit!

Lee45 | June 12th, 2013

Christy, take your daughter to a BETTER DANCE COMPANY!! Chloe shouldn’t be subjected to such a lunatic like Abbey! Abbey has so much clear animosity toward Christy that she is compelled (& completely unprofessional about it) to take it out on Chloe! Ridiculous! Chloe is extremely talented & should be taught by someone who has a genuine interest in seeing her become a phenomenal dancer!! Shame on you Maddie for your actions to your sister & other dancers! Shame on the judges in this competition too– for “caving into” Abbeys demands!! I don’t even want to watch anymore!! This should be a show about “how NOT to act” as a professional teacher– u win that award Abbey!

kasie | June 12th, 2013

Fricken ridiculous. Christy, you need to lawyer up and challenge the suspect judge and Abby. Abby was so pressed about being right she went and changed the scores. Like the moms said OF ALL OF THE JUDGED GIRLS HOW CAN YOU SCREW UP ONLY 2 SCORES? Get a lawyer and take Chloe to the candy apples. Ditch her ass. I feel that Chloe should be just like Asia and her mom because I feel that Asia uses Abby as a resource and she is not totally in control of Asia’s career. Chloe should do the same.