Chad Michael Murray Looks Homeless Now…

Chad Michael Murray Looks Homeless Now...What ever happened to heartthrob Chad Michael Murray?

Well he’s no heartthrob anymore… unless you’re into the whole homeless thing!

Since fading from the spotlight the “House of Wax” actor has grown a full hobo beard and is looking a little a lot disheveled.

But don’t you fret all you CMM fans, Chad hasn’t hit Skid Row just yet.

He’s actually getting in full character for his role in the upcoming filmOther People’s Children.”

Plus I doubt very many homeless people have Instagram accounts, although I feel like that would probably be an interesting follow. *grabs phone and searches*

Anyways, if you want to see more of Chad’s hobo glory check out his Instagram.

Good luck Mr. Murray… and please for all of our sake (including your own) shave that thing ASAP!

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  • http://www.bohomoth.com Jen

    OMG. he does. What happened to the poor guy?

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    Wow, he looks terrible! Nuts!

  • http://haveuheard.net shari

    doesn’t even look like him. unrecognizable.

  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    OMG I am so shocked he use to be hot, what happened to him?

  • http://Website Robyn

    Wow he looks terrible

  • http://Website Pamela

    This isn’t a good look. Especially since his beard doesn’t match his hair colour!

  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com DD

    The fall from fame isn’t pretty.

  • http://www.bohomoth.com Jen

    This has to be down to drugs or something.

  • http://celebdirtylaundry.com jody

    He looks good to me!

  • http://haveuheard.net cathy

    He looks like a trainwreck – find a razor and shower fast.