Blind Items: Celebrity’s Choice

broken engagement

“This rising star’s PR team has been calling the shots in his relationships. They urged him to end his first engagement and now they are preventing him from popping the question again. He feels solid in his path to A list status thanks to finally nabbing a huge role, but his handlers have told him to decide whether he wants to be a star or be a husband. He decided to stand by his girl…for now.” [Allie Is Wired]

Which hard-partying TV star is known to have a thing for transvestites and also makes his girlfriends wear a certain anatomically inaccurate device so they can take control?” [Naughty But Nice Rob]

Blanche’s Guess: I bet Charlie Sheen has OD-ed on vagina.

Which megastar is being buzzed about for milking an injury to cover up for poor box office?” [Page Six]

Blanche’s Guess: Will Smith and Tom Cruise come to mind for their flops – ‘After Earth‘ and ‘Oblivion‘ so I will go with Tom milking his injury from ‘Jack Reacher‘ for the win.

Our Princess is a beautiful and talented triple threat. She sings, acts, and has even appeared on a dance competition show.

She has been dating a Popular Teen Staron and off for a while. It was supposed to be just a publicity setup, but he really fell for her. So he is going to be royally pissed off when he finds out who she is sleeping with now!

Her New Beau is an up-and-comer on the music scene… and is one of The Teen Star’s closest friends! Of course, that friendship is going to be over as soon as he finds out that The Princess and his friend betrayed him.

And that’s not even the worst of it!

The Teen Star is really going to go ballistic when he finds out that a lot of private activity that occurred behind the castle walls… was surreptitiously captured on film! Yes, we have seen it. Yes, we can confirm that it is 100% real. And there are about 40 million reasons why The Teen Star should be feeling very betrayed and very paranoid right now.” [Blind Gossip Exclusive]

Blanche’s Guess: Oh this is just dripping with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber clues. However, I have no idea who the betraying bestie is. I would say one of those boy banders from Britain, but they aren’t really “up and coming.” Hmmm…

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