20 Surprising Movie Facts

Batman: The Dark KnightMichael Caine had a dialogue in the scene in which The Joker, played by Heath Ledger, crashed Bruce Wayne’s party supporting Harvey Dent. It was the first time he had seen Heath in costume and was completely blown away. He forgot to say his lines and the scene went on without his part.

heath ledger and michael caine

The Wizard of Oz – The costume for the Cowardly Lion was made of real lion skins and weighed 60 lbs.

E.T. – The inspiration for E.T.’s face came from a mixture of Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg and a pug.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – In the original plot, Bill and Ted’s adventure was via a Chevy van. The vehicle was changed to a telephone booth so it wouldn’t be too similar to ‘Back to the Future.’

The TerminatorOJ Simpson screen tested for the role of the Terminator, but casting felt he was “too nice” to play the role and “unconvincing” as a killer. How’s that for irony?

Schindler’s List – While filming, Steven Spielberg would make frequent phone calls to his friend Robin Williams who would tell jokes over a speaker phone to cheer up the cast and crew.

Goonies – Sloth’s makeup took 5 hours to complete. Once it got wet, it shut down production for an entire day.

School of RockMiranda Cosgrove later became iCarly, but for her role in ‘School of Rock’ she actually had to take lessons on how to sing poorly.

Die Hard‘ – Richard Gere was almost cast as John McClane in the film, but the role eventually went to Bruce Willis.

indiana jones

Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark – R2D2 and C3PO make a small cameo in the film. They can been seen the hieroglyphics surrounding Jones as he is in the ark’s chamber.

Home AloneJoe Pesci actually bit Macaulay Culkin and left a scar on his finger.

Toy Story – There are a lot of fun facts for this film, but one might not have caught was the carpet in Sid’s house is the exact same pattern as the carpet in ‘The Shining.’

Back to the Future – Just like in Bill and Ted’s adventure, the time machine wasn’t the original device used in the initial script. Instead of a DeLorean…Doc and McFly traveled via a refrigerator.

Monster’s Inc. – Billy Crystal turned down the role of Woody in ‘Toy Story’ and considered the worst career move he had ever made. When he was offered the role of Mike in ‘Monster’s Inc.’ he jumped on it.

Top GunJohn Travolta was originally offered the role of Maverick, but his salary demands were too high. The role then went to Tom Cruise.

Halloween – Does the mask Michael Myers uses in ‘Halloween’ remind you of someone? Star Trek fans will see it. It was a Captain Kirk mask painted white.

Twilight – The role of Edward almost went to Henry Cavill as the author of the book, Stephenie Meyer, said he fit her vision perfectly. He was deemed too old and the part went to Robert Pattinson who had also nabbed another part from Henry in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.’ Cavill was also up for a role as Bond, but eventually that part went to Daniel Craig.

Pirates of the CaribbeanRobert De Niro turned down the of Jack Sparrow. He thought the film was going to flop.

Jurassic Park – When the kids are being attacked by the T-Rex in the car, their screams as the glass breaks are real. The glass was never intended to break.

The Hunger Games – While playing around on set, Jennifer Lawrence accidentally kicked Josh Hutcherson in the head and knocked him out. He suffered a concussion.

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