Vogue Doesn’t Like Kim Kardashian (Photo)

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Kim Kardashian, who wore a floral Givenchy maternity gown to the Met Ball Monday night, was cropped out of a photograph with her beau Kanye West in Vogue‘s Best Dressed gallery. Ouch!

Vogue Doesn't Like Kim Kardashian

All the other duos who appear in the slideshow remained intact for their photos.

It’s not the first time Kardashian, who’s pregnant with West’s baby, has been snubbed by Vogue. Last year, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour reportedly banned Kardashian from attending the Met Ball.

Cropped is so much more amusing.

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  • http://Website Jen

    I LOVE that Vogue did this, but pretty passive-aggressive. Why not just say ‘no she can’t come?’

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta


  • http://www.haveuheard.net shari

    that is terrible. its a major magazine. how tacky.

  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    Anna Wintour always gets the last word!

  • http://Website Pamela

    Obviously she doesn’t make the best dressed list, but it’s a bit ‘Mean Girls’ to crop her out. That shizz belongs in the burnbook.

  • http://Website Lisa

    And……The shame and humiliation keeps piling up…Poor old Kim’s gonna end up a single mom.

  • http://celebdirtylaundry.com jody overland

    they’re all the same – anna wintour, kim k. the whole lot