Justin Bieber Attacked During Performance! (Video)

Justin Bieber was rushed on stage by a crazed fan tonight!

While performing in Dubai, Justin was grabbed by a fan who somehow bypassed security and got on stage. Yikes!

Justin Bieber Attacked During Performance! (Video)

Bieber was singing at his piano when the fan ran up behind him and grabbed him. Security was quick to tackle the fan down and usher Justin to safety.

Luckily the Biebs was unharmed and the tackle didn’t even affect his performance, somehow he was able to keep singing during the whole altercation.

Hmm… lip syncing much?

Following the incident Justin continued the show as if nothing happened.

Watch the attack below…

What do these crazy beliebers expect? They are just asking to get crushed by security.

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  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    Is it wrong that I chuckled?

  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    Great security he has, maybe time to change…..