Farrah Abraham’s Smelly Bikini Auctioned Off On Ebay (Photo)

Farrah Abraham’s Smelly Bikini Auctioned Off On Ebay

Do you enjoy rolling around in soiled women’s undergarments?

The used bikini from Farrah Abraham’s porn is up for auction to the highest bidder!

The pink glittery bikini that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham wore, (briefly), on the cover of her recent cinematic tour de force Farrah Superstar: BackDoor Teen Mom is for sale.

[ CLICK HERE to see eBay listing ]

Ewww, right?

The “Teen Mom” star took a pregnancy test to find out if she had conceived a baby from her racy romp captured on film with James Deen.

Abraham was photographed buying an EPT test but she is not pregnant.

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  • http://Allieiswired KB

    Boy she is stupid!!!! How did she think she was preggers when they didnt have vaginal sex, they had anal sex?? I cant help but laugh at her stupidity!!! The bikini being for sale is gross, it’ll be even more gross if someone buys it!

  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    This grosses me out beyond measure.

  • http://www.bohomoth.com Jen

    EW. However there’s good money in selling this sort of thing overseas….

  • http://www.hollywoodhiccups.com/ Annemarie

    Passing on this if you don’t mind. ewww….

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    Thank God the auction was pulled…she’s so disgusting