‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoilers – Does Rick DIE ?!

‘The Walking Dead’ won’t return until October. Those of us who pace the floor, anxious for the return of good tv drama, latch onto any tidbits and hints of news that we can.


the walking dead season 4

Perhaps that is where the rumor of the death of the show’s principal character, Rick Grimes, comes from.

The creator of the comic and producer of the show, Robert Kirkman, revealed during a chat on AMC’s Blog that the killing off Rick Grimes, played by the glorious Andrew Lincoln, isn’t out of the question.

Yes, absolutely. We’ve been saying that no one is safe on this show, and I wouldn’t rule out seeing the death of Rick Grimes at almost any point. We really like to keep people guessing, and I could definitely see some interesting stories coming from that. While Rick has been a pretty solid leader, he’s definitely made his share of mistakes. I think seeing Daryl or Maggie or Glenn picking up a larger leadership role in the group could pose some interesting story possibilities.

You can read and translate a thousand different things from that statement, but some went in a more drastic direction. The argument is that “no one is safe” and that is one factor that makes this show incredible to watch. Contracts spoil the “will they or won’t they” factor. However, I would say that some characters are at a bigger risk.

Sadly, Michael Rooker as the antagonist member of the much adored Dixon brothers didn’t have the same “safe” factor that, say, Michonne (Danai Gurira) or Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) seem to have. I will admit, I thought Andrea was pretty safe, but I was happy to be schooled when her character was killed.

The loss of Merle Dixon was lamented, but riots were promised if Daryl or Rick dies. I would, peacefully, join them, but I would highly doubt the popularity doesn’t somehow factor into a character’s staying power. Alas, I could be seriously wrong. I deduce that no character is safe, but the show is smart and the smart move would be to keep Rick and Daryl alive.

As for Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead‘…

New reports claim that casting for a new cast member, Roy Stark, (better known as Abraham Ford from the graphic novels) is already underway…

“The renamed cast member will play a traumatized medic that is very dangerous, complex, and disturbed. In the “Walking Dead” graphic novel, his family is ravaged by zombies and his retaliation is described as more volatile and scary than The Governor’s wrath in the end of season three.”

We also know that Beth (Emily Kinney), Tyreese (Chad Coleman), and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) have all been upgraded to full time cast members. The Governor, brought to you by the seriously underrated David Morrissey, will also return. Click HERE for more on that…

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