Kristen Stewart is Racist ?!

I am sorry, but this report was too hilarious to pass up.

media take out screen shot

According to a rather unscrupulous media outlet, Kristen Stewart is a racist. Why? Because she walked away from the upcoming film, ‘Focus,’ which would feature Will Smith as her costar. Their headline blasts that she is “acting REAL RACIST Towards Will Smith!!!!”

First, they claim she is “the ugly chic from ‘The Hunger Games.’” That is obviously incorrect as Stewart found her fame thanks to the ‘Twilight‘ saga and has nothing to do with the Suzanne Collins film depictions.

Before Will signed on, actor Ben Affleck was supposed to play the part of the “grifter”. When Kristen believed that BEN was going to be cast for the part, she was HAPPY to be on board. So then WHAT IS KRISTEN’S EXCUSE for not being in amovie with Will Smith? According to Holllywood [sic] Reporter, “she felt the age difference was too much.” Will Smith is 44. Ben is 40.

So that is their “evidence” for Kristen Stewart being racist.


I am sure it has nothing to do with her other scheduled commitments that are fast approaching as the film delays to find a new leading man. Will Smith might not even stay for the film according recent rumors.

Rest assured KStew fans…there were no hard feelings when she left the project.

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