‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3 Episode 15 ‘This Sorrowful Life’

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When we last left the group…

The Walking Dead Season 3

*It’s was a Woodbury centered episode in which The Governor gets his torture chamber prepped.

*Milton and Andrea realize that The Governor isn’t going to use butterfly kisses and tummy tickles at his his final meeting with Rick.

*The henchmen of Woodbury prepare for battle and Tyreese and his group divide.

*Andrea tries to escape the town, but the Governor snatches her up just as she arrives at the prison.

Rick, Hershel and Daryl are having a discussion about giving up Michonne to save the group. Hershel and Daryl protest Rick’s decision hand her over stating “that’s not us,” but eventually agree. Rick wants Merle to be a part of the meeting and informs Daryl he will confront him on his own.

Rick finds Merle tearing apart a mattress and asks for his help. He confides the plan to surrender Michonne and Merle feels him out by asking who else knows. He lists the VIP. In response, he tells Rick that The Governor will torture her and that will be on Rick’s on conscious. He has a moment of creepiness in trying to play the bare lucid leader, but Rick remains cold and demands she be taken to The Governor by noon.

Michonne, Daryl and Glenn are prepping the prison for war and Daryl quietly pushes points for Michonne to stay. Inside, Carol and Merle have a hear to heart. She asks Merle if he is “with us” and he simply states he is on Daryl’s side. She gives him the “Carol Treatment” when he starts to pull his mouthy crap.

Back outside, Daryl tries to warm Glen up to Merle. He insists that Merle is sorry and needs some forgiveness. Glen is quiet during his light begging until he can’t take it any longer. He basically tells Daryl to fark off because what he did to Maggie is unforgivable.


Daryl continues to hunt for Merle and finds him up to no good in the basement. Merle says he is looking for some meth and we get a mental eye roll from Daryl. He buys the cover and asks about Rick. Merle knows he will back out and Daryl won’t admit that he seems to care because “whatever Rick says goes.” The elder Dixon questions what happened to his little brother’s testicular fortitude, but Daryl asks about Maggie and Glen. Merle coldly responds, “I’ve done worse.”

They are clearly on opposite sides of the stadium between right and wrong. Merle’s mouth can’t talk himself out of anything this time. His creepy comments fall on deaf ears and when starts prattling on about being the bad guy the group needs, Daryl has a tender moment and states, “I just want my brother back.” He leaves and Merle returns to his real goal…he sticks a phone into a bag filled with other items.

As Rick finds some wire to tie up Michonne, he has a war with his conscious and sees Lori as the sound of Hershel reading form the Bible overplays the moment. He eventually drops the wire and returns back to the prison and confides he “can’t” and “won’t” surrender Michonne.

Down in the bowls of the prison, Merle and Michonne are discovering what the prison’s weaknesses are. As they talk, some walkers come upon them and Merle knocks her out and ties her up.


After the break, Michonne and Merle are walking down the road and Merle is spilling Rick’s plan to give her up to the Governor. She is pissed he knocked her out, but he manages to continue to convince her they need to become allies. She is still tied up and Merle pushes her along the road. He uses her sword to take out a looming walker.

Rick goes to Daryl to tell him the plan is off and informs him that he can’t find Merle and Michonne. Daryl tracks him back down the tombs of the prison. They discover he has taken off with her and Daryl goes off to find them. He instructs Rick to be ready for his return and adds, “you’re family too.”

Back on the road, Merle whines about the fact that Daryl wants to stay at the prison. He hopes that giving her up will avoid the war and how heavy it is to be the bad guy. Michonne adds that truly bad men have no weight, no conscious.

Glen and Hershel have a tender moment back at the prison. Glen still has the watch Hershel gave him and tells him he wants to marry Maggie. Hershel give shim his blessing and smiles knowing that there is still light and love in the world.

Merle and Michonne arrive at abandoned hotel and Merle stops to break into a car. He has tied Michonne to a post and leaves her to hotwire the car. He trips a car alarm. It’s a dinner bell for walkers and Michonne struggles to free herself as walkers start coming in for a feast. The begin their assault and Merle finally gets the car alarm silenced. They drive off just in time.

Down the road, Michonne starts talking. She tells him that he is just the garbage man while Daryl has Rick’s respect. She adds that Merle is just standing on the outside and Daryl probably won’t mourn him because he is total jackwagon.

We get a brief shot of Glen going outside to pluck a finger from a walker. A ring finger.

Back in the car, Michonne questions Merle as to why he would kill for the Governor like a pet. She then gently tells him they could “just go back.” Merle says he can’t and pulls the car over. For a second you think something creepy is about to happen. Instead, he frees Michonne, arms her with her sword and tells her to go back to the prison so she can warn the others. He finalizes his release stating he has something he has got to do “on his own.”

Daryl stumbles upon Michonne and asks where Merle is. He runs off after she informs him he let her go and tells her not to let anyone come after him. Merle returns to the motel parking lot to lure the walkers after him like some sort of Zombie Pied Piper. He rolls out of the car as the stereo screams into the air. Walker follow and Merle sneaks into the area the meeting between Rick and the Governor are due to have. His henchmen begin to take aim at the mob of walkers. From his hiding spot, Merle stars picking off henchmen. It’s actually quite smart…until he gets caught. He has a shot the Governor, but hits the young boy instead.

As a walker finds him, he spills into the ground revealing his location. The Governor gets a hold of him and a fight that ends with the Governor biting off two of Merle’s fingers ensues. After Merle is subdued, the Governor takes aim and fires off a shot.

In the courtyard of the prison, Glen finds Maggie and proposes by sticking the ring in her hand. She simply says yes and they get a kiss before we see Rick gathering everyone for a chat. He reveals the Governor’s deal. He comes clean and admits that he was going to break and give her up, but decided against it. He apologizes and breaks it down… Merle took Michonne to go fulfill the deal, Daryl went after him and it might be too late. He quotes Dumbledore citing “the greater good.” He recants his Ricktatorship and states that it is now a group decision. Fight or go.

After his speech, he returns to watch and sees Michonne approaching the prison. He seems disappointed.

Daryl arrives at the Governor’s rendezvous and finds a trail of bodies, but what breaks him is the sight of his brother, turned, and munching on one of the Governor’s henchman. Daryl starts to cry and pushes his flesh hungry brother away before putting his knife repeatedly into his skull.


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Jocelyn | March 25th, 2013

I can’t even handle this show. It’s way too much for me. I know it’s good, everyone loves it….but I cannot handle zombies!