‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3 Episode 12 ‘Clear’

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The Walking Dead Season 3

*Andrea is still an idiot. She attempts to do some naked killing, but wimps out and the Governor lives to fight for another day.

*Tyreese and company are in the clutches of the Governor, unaware he is a crazy bitch who gets his jollies off on floating heads and shooting people.

*Merle is in the prison and trying to worm his way into the good graces of everyone.

*Rick has a loose grip on life. It’s about as firm of a grip as Lindsay Lohan has on sobriety, but he has stopped chasing visions of Lori in the woods.

*Carl and Michonne will join Rick on a venture to get supplies.

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Rick, Michonne and Carl are drive silently down the road. They come upon a man, strapped with camping gear, begging for help along the road. The don’t spare a second glance as they keep going at full speed.

Soon they come upon a wreck on the road with a walker squirming from underneath a car. As they go around the mess of cars, they get stuck and the car is quickly engulfed in walkers. Rick rolls down the window a bit and starts taking them out.

After they filet the walkers, Rick teaches Carl what to do if you are stuck in a muddy pot hole…wrap sticks and gravel in an old dress and place it under the wheel. As the lesson comes to an end, the man catches up to them and starts yelling for help again. They drive off a second time with no hesitation.

They arrive in a town and find the police station is cleaned out. Apparently, they are in Rick’s home town. He explains that they can go look at the bar as he signed the permit for the owner to carry. Michonne wants to blow the tiny town, but yields.

As they walk, the pass a pile of charred bodies piled in a courtyard. Green arrows are spray painted along a sidewalk and they come into the square. A wall behind them says: NO GUILT YOU KNOW THAT. Another sign erected along the street says JUST LISTEN while TURN AROUND AND LIVE is painted on the road.

A jungle of sticks are poking out from cars, bundles of trash cans and makeshift traps. In the middle, a caged animal lures walkers to skewer themselves. Clever.

As the trio maneuver through the traps, a gunman shoots at them from a rooftop. He demands they leave their guns, shoes and Michonne’s sword before the leave. They pause and Michonne tells Rick she can get to the roof to take the gunman out. Rick tells Carl to get to the car while he returns fire. A shoot out ensues, but a pause makes Rick try and move for better position.


Carl pops out from the side of building to shoot the gunman as he sneaks up on Rick. Michonne comes from around corner to find gunman on the ground. Rick checks to see if he is alive and discovers he was wearing a bullet proof vest and survived the shot. They remove his mask and GASP….it’s MORGAN!

Michonne wants to leave him, but Rick insists they get him to safety. As they drag him inside a building, it is littered with booby traps. A welcome mat is a cover for a hole filled with knives. As they get him up the stairs, Michonne nearly sets off another trap that would have ended with an axe to the head if Rick didn’t stop her at the last second.

Morgan’s hideout is packed with guns, ammo and survival gear. The walls are covered with notes and the word “CLEAR” written repeatedly. Rick goes through his stash and finds the walkie-talkie that he attempted to stay in contact with Morgan. It’s a heartbreaking moment.

Michonne is ready to bail on the unconscious Morgan, but Rick demands that they stay. For safety, Rick ties Morgan’s hands as he lay passed out on a bed. Carl looks at a hand drawn map on the wall and states that he wants to go off on a run by himself for a crib for Judith. Michonne offers to go with him and Rick agrees.

Outside, Carl tells her to bugger off. She insists on staying, but Carl distracts her with killing a looming walker. He slips off down the street, but she catches up quickly. He throws out the fact that she is just there because they have common enemy at her.

Morgan wakes up, unbeknownst to Rick, and quietly grabs a knife. As Rick looks at a gun, Morgan lunges and tries to cut him. He is crazy and doesn’t recognize Rick and screams about people wearing dead man’s faces. His knife plunges into Ricks shoulder and he quickly recovers. Morgan begs Rick to kill him.

Rick tries to talk him down, but Morgan is pissed. He kicks the walkie talkie he was using to try and jog Morgan’s memory away and screams, “YOU WEREN’T THERE!” Rick counters that he was talking everyday, but got pushed so far out into the country it no longer worked. Morgan continues to tell the story of how he couldn’t kill his turned wife. He went on a run for food and left his son in what he thought was safety. He returns to find his wife in the house and coming at Duane. He calls for his son, but it was too late. He ends up shooting them both.

Carl and Michonne arrive at a small town restaurant. He tries to go inside, but Michonne stops him. He would have been the lunch special as she tosses a caged rat into the place and walkers crawl out form everywhere. They swarm the cage and the duo sneak into the place and steal a pictures. As they turn the corner to exit, the rat is loose and running from the pack of walkers. They manage to escape, but Carl drops the picture as they exit. He wants to go back in and face the 20+ zombies for a photo. Michonne stops him again and tells him she is fed up with the bullsh*t and will do this her way. She tells him to stay at the doors and soon returns with the picture and a rainbow painted decorative cat.

Rick tries to talk Morgan into going to the prison to join the group. Morgan is crazy, but he is still sharp. He noticed that Rick and company have taken a ton of guns. He refuses to watch more people die by “bullets” and “teeth.” Rick continues to argue for his friend’s company, but Morgan states that he has to stay and “clear.” (I think that means he feels he needs to somehow clear his conscious of what happened to his son after he failed to kill his wife.

Rick begins his prep to leave. Morgan is stacking up walkers on a gurney as Michonne and Carl return with the photo and a crib for Little Ass Kicker. As the trio pack up and leave, Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, but explains he did it out of necessity.

Carl gives Michonne his stamp of approval as he and Rick have a little moment to themselves as they pack the car up. He gets in the car and Michonne helps Rick load the car. She point blank asks him about his visions and says she “knows he sees things,” but assures him that it’s ok. Finally, she opens up a tiny bit and reveals that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend. He nods and asks her to drive because he sees things. (Small joke, but effective in the moment.)

They finally leave and Rick gives Morgan one last look as he watches him stack the walker carcasses onto the pile of burnt bodies. As they travel down the road, they come upon the area they got stuck in on the way in and see a splattering of fresh blood from the man who was trying to chase them down. His backpack was the only evidence left and they stop and grab it before driving off.


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