Taylor Swift Has Found Her Next Victim

Taylor Swift just got some new song material a new man and he’s a surfer!

Reportedly the 23-year-old has her eyes on a 20-year-old Hawaiian surfer named John John Florence and yes his name is really John John.

Taylor Swift Has Found Her Next Victim

Apparently the two have been texting and are trying to keep a low profile as to not draw too much media attention.

While at a surfing event in Australia, John John was asked about his relationship with Taylor. He responded, “Uh, I’m not supposed to talk comment about that.”

Oh, well he’s not too bright… better move fast Taylor.

“Apparently, she contacted him. I don’t think they have hung out yet. They’ve just been chatting,” reveals a source.

“John John doesn’t want to ruin things, so he’s being careful not to say too much.”

So do John John and Taylor Taylor make a good couple?

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  • http://Website truth

    Its already been proven FALSE his p/r people planted the story to get his name in the news

  • http://Website Pamela

    Awh, he is actually adorable in that typical surfer way, hope Taylor doesn’t break his heart if it’s true!!

  • http://haveuheard.net Cathy

    Taylor sure does get around. Good for her, surfs up – enjoy.

  • http://celebbabylaundry.com/ Robyn

    Don’t these men ever learn. She just wants another victim that she can write a song about and the cry how, “They did her wrong!” Idiot!

  • http://Allieiswired KB

    Thats that randomiest thing i have ever heard!

  • http://celebdirtylaundry.com jody overland

    First she writes the song, then she starts dating.