Stadium Style ‘Top Chef’ – Won’t Be Seeing That Again #topchef

The season 10 finale of ‘Top Chef’ was a high intensity stadium style competition. Instead of the typical elimination challenge in which a final meal (of sorts) is served to be hashed out by the judges, a culinary gladiator throw down ensued.

It was packed with drama, pressure and awe as the final two competitors, Brooke Williamson and Kristen Kish, competed for the title of ‘Top Chef.’ However, there was a flaw that some couldn’t over look.

The chefs served up a best 3 out of 5 dishes to win. With time ticking down and Kristen serving up the 4th dish with a lead we knew she won before the judges even tasted her food. This spoiler didn’t sit well with some fans. They weren’t quiet about it and Tom Colicchio answered the question of whether or not we will see a live audience competition like that again…

“I hear you out there you didn’t like the format well neither did I and I doubt we will do that again.”

What did you think of the 10th Season of Top Chef???

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  • http://Website MWAH HAHAHAH!

    I dunno. I was so mixed on my feelings. Totes awesome concept, but totes spoiler. Maybe they could tweak it?

  • http://Website Twinkle

    Do not likey! I missed that moment of…IDK WHO GONNA WIN?!???

  • http://Website Common Sense

    If it ain’t broke…DON’T F$&K WITH IT! Seriously though, I was a bit disappointed this year.

  • http://Website Watch Da Throne

    I liked it! It was really intense. I didn’t keep an eye on time though. Maybe everyone needed to hide their clocks. ;)