Modern Family Actors Get Trapped In An Elevator (Photo)

Modern Family Actors Get Trapped In An Elevator

Getting stuck in an elevator sucks, even for a celebrity.

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson found themselves stuck in the elevator as they were heading to a charity event, when it stopped suddenly between floors.

The actors made light of a bad situation.

Using their phones to communicate with the outside world, the group enlisted their fellow elevator passengers in recording funny video messages to post to Twitter.

Posting a photo Jesse Tyler wrote, “This is us right now. 45 mins stuck in this elevator.”

Kansas City firemen eventually came to the rescue and got everyone out with a ladder.

“Finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one hour mark,” Ferguson wrote. “At least the firemen in K.C. are cute.”

Could you just imagine being stuck in there with them?

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