Kate Middleton and Prince William Named Their Baby

Ah yes, I adore all things British. The accents, the tea and ginger A running around all make me wave my Union Flag. Coincidentally, “waving my Union Flag” may or may not be a euphemism, but lets get on the most anticipated baby of the year. (Sit yo ass DOWN Kim Kardashian.)

Prince William & Kate Middleton Go On Honeymoon

According to Us Weekly, Duchess Kate and Prince William have already named their baby. In case you don’t recall, Kate accidentally let it slip that she was knocked up with a girl without slipping on a SPOILER ALERT. Click HERE for more on that snafu…

For all of you who were hopping for Princess Deidra Ambrosia Buttercup (just me?), you will be sadly disappointed. If you believe the gossip circuit’s “sources” – which are probably palace lurking hobos willing to spill details in exchange for fried chicken – Prince William and Kate Middleton will name their baby Elizabeth Diana Carole.

Obviously, this is a mash up Granny Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana.

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