Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Collapsing On Stage In London (Photo)


Justin Bieber collapsed on stage from shortness of breath during a performance at London’s O2 arena on Thursday night.

“Justin fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve to the stage and was given oxygen,” said the singer’s spokeswoman.

Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager, told the crowd after Mr. Bieber had left the stage that he “got very light of breath, the whole show he had been complaining.” His statement was posted on YouTube by fans.

Some people are suggesting that Biebs is doing all of this for sympathy after he got booed for showing up late to his show on Monday night.

Justin jumped on Twitter to thank fans for their support. “getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love.”

After having the worst birthday ever, this has really been a crappy week.

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