John Travolta Starring In ‘Saturday Night Beaver’ (Photo)

John Travolta Starring In 'Saturday Night Beaver'

John Travolta was in Orlando to celebrate the grand opening of Breitling Boutique, a high-end watch store specializing in technical watches.

He was sporting that little patch of hair on his chin.


The actor — who owns a home in Ocala boasting a private runway — has 5,000 flight hours to his credit and is certified on TEN (10) types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet.

Since 2005, Travolta has been an official Breitling brand ambassador.

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  • http://Website Jen

    Haha. Love John. Say what you will about him he always brings the LOLs.

  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com/ DD

    Come out of the closet already!

  • http://haveuheard.net shari

    It’s so odd that John would go to a grand opening of a watch store. There must have been a man there that caught his eye.

  • http://earsucker.com Roberta

    i was wondering what was up with the chin pubes…LOL

  • http://celebbabylaundry.com/ Robyn Good

    What the heck is that on his chin, dirt?

  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    HAHA! OMG I love the chin pubes.