‘Iron Man 3′ Official Trailer – Watch Now! (Video)

'Iron Man 3' Official Trailer

The final theatrical trailer for this summer’s “Iron Man 3premiered today and it reveals that Tony Stark, played for the fourth time by Robert Downey Jr., has been busy indeed.

The trailer finds a battered Stark and his old pal James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) in dire straits, as is their habit. “We do need backup,” says Tony, to which Rhodey responds, “That’s your department.”

The footage builds on the already-grim first trailers, which show a post-Avengers Tony Stark confessing to insomnia and guilt.

He’s clearly rattled by his near-death experience riding an atomic bomb out to space, as well as the uncomfortable revelation that he’s possibly outranked on earth by superheroes who don’t need his sweet armor.

“He used to think he was the top s–t,” said Downey Jr. “His solution is to keep building new suits.”

What do you think of the new “Iron Man 3″ trailer?

Iron Man 3” opens this year’s summer movie season, blasting into theaters on May 3.

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