Harry Styles Has A Crush On Jennifer Lawrence!

Sorry Directioners, Harry Styles has got his eye on yet another girl… Jennifer Lawrence!

Reportedly, the One Direction star totally has the hots for the 22-year-old actress and is asking mutual friends to hook them up.

Harry Styles Has A Crush On Jennifer Lawrence!

Apparently his love for the “Hunger Games” actress was ignited after watching her at the Academy Awards last Sunday… also Harry will hump anything with a heartbeat (watch out baby koala).

“He fell in love with Jennifer after watching her speech at the Oscars,” reveals an insider. “Harry likes goofy girls and thinks it’s hilarious that she fell over as she went to accept her award for Best Actress.”

“And obviously, like most men, he thinks she’s drop-dead gorgeous. He’s been begging mutual friends who know Jen to put the word out for him so they can hook up next time they’re in the same city.”

Friends say Harry is very confident that he will be able to bag Lawrence since “he normally gets whichever girl he sets his sights on.” [Eye roll]

So will Jennifer go for Harry’s 19-year-old charm?

Well we’ll see, but if not rumor has it that Harry already has another girl on the side! Her name is Millie Brady and they met at the BRIT Awards last week.

Like I said, he’ll hump anything with a heartbeat.

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