Does Dixon Die on ‘The Walking Dead’ ?!? – SPOILER ALERT

If you didn’t catch it in the title, SPOILERS AHOY! If you keep reading you will suffer the spoilage and I heard the last two episodes are mind blowing and epic and we all know that when your “mind is going into it pre-blown, and once a mind is *pre*-blown, it cannot be *re*-blown.” So this is your final opportunity to exit. Click HERE to watch a kitten being tickled instead.


There are only two episodes left in season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead.’ It is bittersweet as I gots to know what happens! Yet, I don’t want it to end because it is back to waiting until October for fresh episodes. You can catch up on all of Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ HERE with my detailed recaps

Now that the shameless self pimping is out of the way, on to the spoilers!

According to one rumor, 27 people will die. I heard it was more like 21, but the body count will include two of our beloved principal characters. Just who will that be? A huge spoiler could be in the news that Dallas Roberts, who plays Milton, scored a role on ‘Unforgettable.’ As we know from episode 14, Milton managed to get himself to the top of The Governor’s Kill List after burning his Pit-O-Biters. But is he considered a main character or is he just one of the twenty-something minions that will perish in the war?

Another possibly HUGE spoiler shows Merle Dixon as a walker. (I cannot post the picture here because I don’t want AMC to eat my face and sue me to the point I am unable to pay my cable bill.) Blood drips from his mouth and his skin is waxen and grey. Could this just be a visualized fear of Daryl’s? Maybe a nightmare? According to a spoiler circulating, The Governor gets to claim him as one of his personally murdered traitors before he turns and nibbles on some of the Woodbury soldiers.

As for Andrea…I could only find one hint, one of the show’s major character’s die as the result of her situation.

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