Chris Brown Threatens A Valet Over $10 (Video)

Here’s more proof that Chris Brown is a hyper aggressive and violent douche…

Last night, Chris got into a huge blow up with a valet because he refused to pay the $10 charge… that’s right Chris Brown fought about $10.

Chris Brown Threatens A Valet Over $10 (Video)

All the drama went down after Brown attended a charity bowling tournament for the A Place Called Home foundation at PINZ bowling alley in LA.

Guess who else was in attendance at the event… Allie Is Wired! Yup, we saw Brown at the event last night and he seemed like he was having fun for the short time that he was there.

Anyways, when Brown went to pick his keys up from the valet he was asked to pay the $10 valet charge… well that’s when things got ugly.

Chris freaked out at the valet and refused to pay up! But unfortunately for this convicted woman beater the valet wouldn’t release his keys to him.

Chris exploded at the guy and yelled, “Gimme my f*cking keys … f*ck ten dollars.”

Then he started threatening him saying, “Gimme my keys … we gonna turn this whole spot up … I promise you.”

Eventually someone from Chris’ entourage gave the guy his money and they left the parking.

Check out Chris’ tantrum below…

Fun Fact: We parked at the event last night and we only paid $5, but then again we didn’t valet.

The perks of working at Allie Is Wired! ;)

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