Wired Exclusive: Hoodie Allen Release Party and Interview (Photos)

Rising hip-hop star and blogger darling, indie rapper Hoodie Allen, one of New York City’s own sons, has released his latest mix tape, “Crew Cuts” and is starting his 30-city national tour March 5, his biggest yet.

He recently released the video for his new single “Fame is for Assholes.” His last ep, All-American, went to number one on the iTunes hip-hop charts, and Fame is for Assholes enjoyed a #2 slot on the day of its release.

Allie is Wired was there at the exclusive release party hosted at The Griffin Nightclub in Manhattan’s luxe meatpacking district to celebrate with the endearing laid-back rapper.

Hoodie performed his new single, along with tracks off the last record for fans, friends and excited bloggers.

In attendance with the press and VIP’s was legendary rapper Prodigy from the rap duo Mobb Deep. The party featured cocktails by LeSUTRA and killer beats by DJ Fresh Direct.

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In the middle of all this fun, Hoodie sat down with Allie is Wired for an interview and told us about the new record, the upcoming tour, his love for New York, his aspirations, and even his one (hilarious) fashion week experience.

Here’s what he had to say.

So I’m sure you’re feeling good tonight. What do you want people to know about your new mix tape, Crew Cuts?

Well, for people who are already fans, I think it’s kind of the most diverse tape that I have out. It’s kind of a little bit more grown up, a little less safe, and for people who don’t know me at all, thank you for listening to this. It’s a free project basically, to thank everyone for what they did with my last project, All-American, being #1 on iTunes, so I wanted to give back to them with another project. Yeah, I really like it. For me it’s an album. The album’s great.

So what do you have in store in terms of touring?

I’m basically going on tour in like two weeks… right after it drops

And what can people expect?

Well, we’re going to like, 30 different cities. It’s a big national U.S. run, and I play with a live band, so I think my shows are really fun. You know, we try to make it like very different from the record, because why would you wanna listen to like the same thing that you listen to on the album, you know?

Are you in rehearsals right now?

Next week, yeah.

Are you doing a lot of promotion until then?

Um, just the normal internet stuff I do. The blogs and reaching out to the fans. Really the biggest part of the promotion is just getting people aware of what’s going on. That’s really the most difficult thing.

Are you still loving New York and enjoying being in the city?

This is my home, so I, I am not like an L.A. guy. I love it here, except right now it’s really cold.

[laughs] It is really cold. I agree.

Outside of that aspect of it, New York forever.

What’s your favorite track off the new mix tape?

That’s a hard question. Right now I’m between two. I really like the opening track called Let Me Be Me, which is very honest and raw, and you know, I wanted to start off the CD that way because it makes a statement. It’s kinda like, this is what you’re in for the next 40 minutes sort of thing. And then there’s a song called good intentions which is just really upbeat and just really current in my life right now, relationship-wise, so I’m just resonating with it now that I wrote it

So you would say this is more personal?

Definitely more personal and just a little bit more musical.

Is there anybody that you’re hoping to work with in the future?

Tons of people.

Who do you feel like you’re into the most right now?

I love basically all female singers from the UK, like Eliza Doolittle, Marina and the Diamonds, Lily Allen, it doesn’t really matter. All those girls are awesome, Mark Ronson. Big Sean, Childish Gambino, you know guys like that.

I know a lot of your fans really dig your style and fashion sense.

I didn’t know I had a fashion sense.

Yeah, I was talking to a big fan of yours this morning about it. I was wondering if you did anything for fashion week or saw anything you were into?

That stuff is overwhelming to me. I am a hermit. I just like chilling and laying low. I don’t, I wouldn’t even know how to fit into that space, to be completely honest. I was at, what’s that place, Artichoke Pizza, with a friend of mine, it was the first time I’d ever been there. That place is awesome. I’d never been there before and then it was like, immediately, we were just surrounded by like, the cast of Zoolander and I realized it was fashion week, and I was like, what are all these really good-looking people doing here, making everyone else uncomfortable? It was not cool. [laughs] So yeah, that’s my fashion week vibe.

[laughs] Well thank you so much for your time.

No, my pleasure.

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image(s) credit: allieiswired.com

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