Wired Exclusive: Benjy Bronk and Elisa Jordana Are ‘The Love Duo’ (Photos)

Welcome to the big fat shenanigan that is ‘The Love Duo.’

Benjy Bronk, writer for Howard Stern, and girlfriend Elisa Jordana, an aspiring singer, make up the “comedy team” called “The Love Duo.”

Elisa Jordana, who it appears was originally attempting to make a professional career in singing and songwriting, has hitched onto Bronk’s train, whose affiliation with Stern, has recently catapulted her into the Sirius Radio host’s absurd mini-spotlight, even getting her an audition in front of former Sony Music Chairman CEO Tommy Mottola.

Last Thursday night, at The Cutting Room, a midtown Manhattan music club part-owned by ‘Sex and the City’ actor Chris Noth, Jordana was joined by her boyfriend Bronk onstage and they performed a short concert.

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The concert was organized by Ivy Supersonic, who is also affiliated with the Howard Stern Show via Bronk (the two once dated as well).

Allie is Wired was there to watch the event unfold.

The evening began with a performance by Etan G “The Jewish Rapper” (another Stern character), who somehow cajoled the previous band The Mystery Lights, apparent strangers to him, to play back up while he rapped an incomprehensible tune and dedicated it to Benjy.

The band played along, and after the back-up band for The Love Duo set up, the couple took the stage.

Ivy Supersonic gave a bizarre introductory speech, thanking almost every person in the room by name, including her mortgage broker, before the show started.

Benjy took a stab at crowd work, pulling random people on stage, and trying to get laughs between Jordana’s songs.

The couple met on the internet, and apparently began a romance after a publicity stunt pulled by Benji, when he hi-jacked a Herman Cain press conference at The Friar’s Club in order to impress her.

The press conference was originally called by star attorney Gloria Allred, who was representing a woman accusing then republican presidential candidate Cain, of sexual misconduct. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

all images: allieiswired.com

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  • Steve

    They’re the most untalented couple ever.

  • http://www.jewishrapper.com Etan G

    Leslie, thank you for your mention of me in your blog. I just wanted to take a moment to clarify a couple things though. I was in NYC for some shows I had and this particular Thurs night I was an invited guest of Ivy, not there as a performer. I had heard of this venue and wanted to check it out. Her event was a good opp to do that. She also has fun, interesting entertainment. I didn’t even know Benjy and Elisa were doing their thing till I got there. Other than Benjy I didn’t know anyone there. Even Ivy and I met in person, on this night, for the first time.

    The Mystery Lights did their whole set and when they were done Ivy insisted I get up and do something with them. They started a groove. I went up and asked if they knew a cover song I wanted to do (White Lines). They didn’t know it so I did an original, that can be done over any groove. It was this song that was dedicated to Benjy, since it was he that made it possible for me to do it on Howard Stern many years ago. That you couldn’t understand it was either an issue with the sound or the band being too loud. It was also nice to just have fun and make some organic music. No rehearsal, no prep – just go with the flow. That, often, makes music awesome.

    I hope that just clarifies some of the observations you made. Feel free to check out my music in, it’s completed form, on iTunes “Etan G” or my website. I hope all is well and thanks again! Hope to meet up in person! all the best – g