Will Josh Quit ‘Top Chef’ ?! – VIDEO #topchef

It’s no secret that Josh’s pregnant wife has been crossing her legs. He has been stressing about the baby’s birth. Tom even brought it up during the last elimination challenge. The due date has come and gone, but he gets some news that might change it all…

He is so close to the finale. One more elimination challenge and then it’s down to the final cook off. His wife calls to tell him her water broke and there is no stalling the process now. She is a trooper and assures him she understands that he can’t be there.

What an understand and support woman! Someone give her the Top Chef Top Wife award!

While it appears he briefly struggles with the idea of going home, he gets some support from Brooke and Sheldon. They are able to make him smile and they go off to cook.

bravo, top chef

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