‘Top Chef’ Winners: Where Are They Now #topchef

Ever wonder whatever happened to ‘Top Chef’ contestants that won and seemed to ride off into the sunset? Did they make it so big they had to develop new identities and go into Awesome Chef Protection Program? Maybe they spent all their prize on a bad investment like a combination toe nail clipper/frying pan.

Five of my favorite culinary victors have been found…

Stephanie Izard – ‘Top Chef’ Chicago

Stephanie is my all time ‘Top Chef’ favorite. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her in Chicago once. She is as sweet and bubbly in person as she was on the show. She is still in Chicago and is the Chef/Owner of Girl & the Goat 809 West Randolph. Go visit her! She also cranked out a cookbook and is engaged!

Michael Voltaggio – ‘Top Chef’ Las Vegas

Ah, the Voltaggio Brothers…I watched them for very impure reasons. Not only was he a culinary “bad boy,” but he has a slew of post show successes. Cookbooks, restaurants, cooking specials and special appearances has the Las Vegas season winner very busy. He is still single and you can probably catch him at his restaurant, ink,
in L.A. Alan Richman of GQ named it the Best New Restaurant in America.

Richard Blais – ‘Top Chef’ Chicago, ‘Top Chef’ All-Stars

Blais also came from my favorite season of ‘Top Chef.’ He choked during his first stint on the show, but returned to All Stars with a renewed focus. Even with a fellow chef “borrowing” his ideas, he took home the title he so deserved. Now he has The Spence and 3 Flip Burger and HD1 Restaurant under his wing in Atlanta Georgia. He is married with two kids.

Hosea Rosenberg -’Top Chef’ New York

This was won of the winners that had some drama on the show. He and a fellow contestant had some…chemistry…outside of the kitchen. He is now the Chef-Owner, Blackbelly Catering with a restaurant coming soon! Apparently it didn’t work out with his fellow cheftestant. He is still single.

Kevin Sbraga – ‘Top Chef’ D.C.

He may not have been my favorite to win, but Kevin seemed like an all around nice guy. He is married to his pastry chef, Jesmary Sbraga. They have a six-year-old daughter, Jenae-Marie, and a one-year-old son, Kevin “Angelo.” He is also the Chef/Owner of SBRAGA in Philadelphia.

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