‘Top Chef’ Seattle Season 10 Recap #topchef

It has been a long journey for the ‘Top Chef‘ contestants. The tenth season has brought more drama, culinary throw downs and unforgettable moments to feed our hunger for good reality tv. You can check out all of our coverage or enter to win Top Chef inspired dinner on us here

The season started with 21 chefs from every neck of America’s landscape competing for the title of ‘Top Chef.’ Each competitor created dishes ranging from Fried Chicken to their best reinterpretation of classic dishes and presented them to culinary royalty like Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Hugh Acheson, Wolfgang Puck, Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons. One by one, they were eliminated after a failed dish earned the dreaded words, “Pack your knives and go.”

This season, the chefs got an ego check at the door. Emeril, Tom, Wolfgang and Hugh eliminated a handful of chefs after they were unable to perform everyday tasks like running the line at Tom’s restaurant, create soup in 1 hour, make an omelet in 45 minutes or create a salad in less than an hour.

After the slaughter, 15 chefs remained to don the deep blue chef’s jacket. Their first elimination left Kuniko basking in the glory of a win and slipping into a fan favorite position. She would soon be axed and make rounds through ‘Last Chance Kitchen‘ and even win the hearts of those voting for the new Save a Chef option. CJ would eventually overtake her at LCK and then nab some time on top for the Save a Chef program. That is until Kristen was robbed of a deserved spot by Josie.

The favorite contender proceeded to dominate. She slayed fellow eliminated chefs one at a time…CJ, Josie, Stefan and Lizzie all fell against her determination. The last battle to get back in for the third Wild Card Spot (if you will) has already happened, but we don’t find out who will return until the finale. It’s a 3 way battle between Kristen, Lizzie and Josh. I am torn between Kristen or Brooke winning it all! It would be amazing to see Kristen rise from the ashes, but I think her biggest competitor will be Brooke as she continues to enjoy repeated wins.

Some of the best dishes, for me, centered around the reoccurring seafood theme. Brooke’s re-imagined Surf and Turf creation using frog legs was inventive and playful. The adventurous foodie in me wants to try it at least once. Josh’s fried chicken is something memories are made of. I recall my Grandma Yetta dredging the chicken and throwing in a paper bag to shake and fry. In my mind…it tasted like my childhood and it was delicious.

One of the most memorable quotes actually came from a judge this year. Fabio won me with his dig on Jamie, “This isn’t Top Scallop. Stop making scallops!” Wolfgang chimed in on the fried chicken challenge with a critique that wasn’t full of sugary praise, “What’s the show called? This shouldn’t even be worthy of ‘Top Apprentice!‘” I love how blunt he is and Hugh was right up there with his quip to CJ’s parting complaint of another team’s dish. “As bad as that was, your burger was even worse!

The most memorable “Brooke” moment had to be a her childlike enjoyment of riding on a dogsled. After facing her fears on the helicopter she was grateful to be alive and exclaimed that the sled was probably one of the best moments of her life. Riding across the gorgeous snow capped land of Alaska on your way to the finale of ‘Top Chef’ and enjoying the previous win…I can see why she was grinning ear to ear.

Fun Facts About the Final Two Standing – Brooke has had no school based culinary training. She learned her skills in the kitchen as she grew up loving to cook. She was taught by mentors and experience in various restaurants. Sheldon learned his basic culinary skills at Disney World, where he also met his wife.

Don’t forget to see who will win ‘Top Chef’ Seattle Season 10 in the two part finale airing Wednesday February 20th and Wednesday, February 27 @ 10/9c.

bravo, top chef

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