‘Top Chef’ Seattle Recap – Episode 15 #topchef

Last week on ‘Top Chef’ Seattle, the remaining chefs cooked for an Alaskan crowd. Brooke passed with flying colors, but Sheldon, Lizzie and Josh were on the chopping block. Lizzie packed it up and went on to ‘Last Chance Kitchen to face Kristen. Watch their showdown by clicking HERE… OR Click HERE for a full recap on last week’s episode…

The top 3 wake to some breakfast goodies and a note from Padma. They are instructed to head to Eagle Crest and arrive to find a helicopter in the middle of the road. Brooke FREAKS OUT. She is terrified of being enclosed in a tight space hovering around in the tiny machine. The view is gorgeous, but she is hanging onto Josh like he is a life boat.

They land safely and huff it through a beautiful mountainous region where a dog sled transport awaits. Padma and Tom meet them in the middle of nowhere. Their last Quickfire has them making a dish out of whatever they can find in the remote dog race training camp. They basically have tiny burners and canned anything you can think of.

Brooke and Sheldon both grab halibut. Josh is doing another breakfast consisting of corn cakes, salmon and eggs. They struggle with the altitude and foreign stoves. The each present their creations as the timer goes off. Padma correctly guesses Josh’s breakfast dish. Tom questions his scrambled eggs and calls them “weird” while Sheldon gets a dig for his too salty sauce. Brooke owns the competition…again.

They fly back to their awaiting car while Padma takes the wheel and drives them to a fancy house where Emeril and Roy Choi are waiting. Brooke and Roy are BFF’s after cooking at the same restaurant. The men have cooked them a lunch. Of course, it isn’t all relaxing and kicking back. Roy talks about his super shady past and how his thug life was transformed by watching Emeril on tv one day. He chokes up as he describes getting inspired to pull his life together and he started researching from culinary school.

Padma jumps in with the Elimination Challenge. They must make a dish that encompasses the moment they realized they wanted to become a chef. They will serve the Governor of Alaska at his mansion. Emeril suggest not holding back…AT ALL!

bravo, top chef

They chefs go back to their digs and start brainstorming. As they chat, Josh’s wife calls. She is in labor. Her water broke and there is no stopping the baby train. He is momentarily in emotional pain. Brooke and Sheldon manage to make him smile and he asserts he is not leaving.

They get in the kitchen and Brook has no idea what she is going to make. Sheldon has a prehistoric fish head boiling on the stove and Josh is trying to squeeze a dish that typically takes 2 days to make in just a few hours. Tom swings in to question their choices. He seems to find issues with each decision.

Brooke settles on chicken and quail. Josh keeps pestering her on what she is creating and she is being sly and refuses to tell him. After their prep time ends, the return to their camp and Josh’s wife calls. It’s heartbreaking to watch as she calls and begs for him. He sits up through the night and awaits news. He is alone in the dark, but finally baby Georgia arrives. He gets to see her via a video chat. It’s a relief and he is recharged to win for his wife and new baby.

The next morning they have just under 2 hours to finish up their meals. Sheldon puts off cooking his fish too early as Tom’s words the previous day echo in his head. He seems to be warring with his better judgement, but opts to wait to the last minute. It was a bad idea…his broth reduced too much and is super salty. Roy notices.

Brooke serves up her dish next. The table silently eats for a few minutes. Finally they start to comment. Most of it is positive save for Wolfgang’s overcooked quail. Roy speaks up for her and asserts that her concept is translated well.

Josh’s foie gras 3 ways looks incredibly rich and Roy cleans the plate. Gail notices that one of his creations didn’t set. Tom asserts that his attempt couldn’t be pulled off in a day. His plate seems to be the most discussed at the dinner table.

At the judges table Padma praises Josh’s choice in foie gras. Tom scolds him for trying to defeat the science of making a dish set. Brooke’s dish is hailed as “origami.” Sheldon’s broth is killing him. They loved everything but the salty flavor.

Brooke wins again. It was a unanimous decision. Josh and Sheldon are sent back to the kitchen to wait while they deliberate. At first, Josh seems out. Then they turn to Sheldon’s broth. Both made “rookie” mistakes.

Josh is sent packing. UGH. I like them both, but Josh made such sacrifices. Lets hope he gets something from Last Chance Kitchen. Click HERE to see who wins the wild card spot!

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