‘Top Chef’ Seattle Recap – Episode 14 #topchef

Last week on Top Chef, we said goodbye to the man you loved to hate on…Stefan. After an Alaskan cruise, he was forced to pack it up after he failed to impress with his interpretation of Surf N’ Turf. Click HERE for a full recap on last week’s episode.

There is a brief interlude of mourning the loss of Stefan, but Josh is worried about his wife who is ready to crap out a kid any second. Sheldon is worried about his gonads becoming Popsicles in Alaska. Don’t worry, he assures us that he brought extra underpants to “keep his package warm.”

When they get off the boat, Padma and James Beard winner Sean Brock. He is a modern wizard transforming dishes into fresh ideas. For their Quickfire challenge, they must go all ‘Deadliest Catch’ and create a mind blowing dish using King Crab. Sean informs the 4 remaining chefs he has flown 14 hours to eat their dishes and basicaly breaks it down like RuPaul and tells them not to f**k it up.

Josh brings out the bacon…again. Brooke busts out a crab infused toast and Sheldon is whipping up a crab innards soup. Sounds…awful, but he is setting fire to pine needles and smoking some asparagus. Lizzie made a frittata that gets a “meh” while Brooke gets a nod from Sean. In the end, Josh and Lizzie don’t fair well. Sheldon takes the prize of $5K.

For the elimination, they must create a dish featuring Juneau’s top commodities – salmon and sourdough. On the way back to their digs, they exchange moans about having to bake their own bread. Each chef will get a starter pack from a local bread making couple. It’s rather amusing to watch them mixing and creating giant balls of dough to rise overnight. As they wait, they sit together stressing about their creations.

The next morning, the arrive to sling some fish on the docks. A giant plastic tub is slung onto a table for the chefs to gut and clean. Lizzie starts walking down memory lane and recalls her father who loved to fish. She breaks down talking about him and I feel for her. You want to hug her. I see what you did their Bravo. Well played.

The crew arrives and starts the frenzy of cooking. Tom arrives to chat with the chefs in a pre-game breakdown. He asks about Josh’s wife who is dilating. Sheldon is making a pea soup that Tom claims he was craving the night before. After patting Sheldon on the back, Tom approves of Lizzie’s plan while doubting Brooke’s approach to cook her salmon.

bravo, top chef

The hungry guests arrive and each chef schmoozes the crowd as bears are perched in the trees. Literally, there are bears in the trees and no one seems worried about it. Gail is back and I know she’d throw down with the wildlife without second thought.

Brooke gets warm praises from guests and judges alike. Sheldon’s smoked salmon and green tea infused dish doesn’t please Padma. He might as well just stop cooking and pack now. The locals also question his choice of fish and Padma informs him that the great people of Alaska use it to feed their pets. Egads.

Lizzie and Josh present their dishes. Lizzie nails the bread, but the rest of the dish doesn’t seems to please the culinary experts. Padma scolds her for not tasting the dish as a completed offering and just sampling each component.

Lucky for Sheldon the locals liked his dish despite their distaste. Josh gets equal amounts of praise and critique.

In the end, the locals and the panel pick Brooke as the winner. She gets a trip to Costa Rica and a spot in the Top 3.

Josh and Lizzie seem to be the two with their heads on the chopping block. Lizzie’s bread may save her, but then they suddenly turn on Sheldon’s green tea failure. It’s a toss up.

Lizzie is axed. Just when I was really starting to pull for her. Click HERE to see who Lizzie will face in ‘Last Chance Kitchen…”

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Harold Gardner | February 7th, 2013

Sounds like a tough week in Alaska

Eric | February 7th, 2013

I missed this episode, so thanks for the re-cap