‘Top Chef’ Last Chance Kitchen: Kristen VS. Lizzie – VIDEO #topchef

Top Chef‘ has brought ‘Last Chance Kitchen‘ back. One chef will have a second chance at the title…all they have to do is beat every eliminated chef that comes their way.

bravo, top chef

Kristen managed to dethrone CJ and has owned Josie and Stefan. It was pretty much no contest between Josie and Kristen, but I kinda hold hope for Stefan. He just seems to have that draw of love-to-hate. I don’t know how he does it, but he is a villain you secretly pull for.

Behind the scenes of Last Chance Kitchen, Stefan actually hopes he will battle Kristen…

I’d love to be in Tom’s shoes for these challenges. I somewhat question that personality doesn’t somehow play into his decision. Alas, Kristen won and faces Lizzie…

The two battle it out over a fire to grill their way to glory. Surprise, Tom loves both their dishes, but gives Kristen the win. Don’t forget the Save a Chef option! Tweet either:

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