‘Top Chef’ Judges’ Funniest Tweets #topchef

I really must pay more attention to the ‘Top Chef’ judges’ tweets. I have my eyes glued to the tv and I a missing the social media fun!

I have come to the conclusion that the judge’s panel is pretty much a modern day foodie interpretation of the Breakfast Club. Each has their own personality that brings more than just culinary mastery to the table.

Hugh Acheson @HughAcheson – He is like the smooth criminal with something deliciously funny, and sometimes underhanded, to say.

“After this kitty litter commercial, sh*t will get active on Top Chef. 4 now, enjoy the wonders about what this litter does to urine & odors.”

CJ’s moment. So cute, if a 7ft man can be cute.

I feel it necessary to inform you that I have no filter. enjoy.

Gail Simmons @GailSimmons – She lets her filter run a little loose by breaking it down for the chefs. She is straight and forward. I guess that makes her the (foodie) basket case.

Just so we’re all clear: No, I am not in the new Hanzel & Gretel movie w Jeremy Renner. Altho I have been know to eat candy, + hunt witches.

Couldn’t agree more. Great food, wilderness, puppies! “@tomcolicchio: #topchef fans tune in tonight. I think it is our best episode ever.

Emeril Lagasse @Emeril – The Brain! He is like the Bill Gates of food. He has inspired careers, been working food and tv together since its infancy.

Honored that I could inspire him “@BravoTopChef: Not gonna lie, tearing up at @RidingShotgunLA (Roy Choi)’s story about @Emeril #TopChef”

Tom Colicchio @tomcolicchio – To me, he is like the jock. Tough and has blue eyes that make Sheldon’s heart melt, but not short on clever repartee.

Tell me more about my eyes

That was a bugs bunny reference

I guarantee that last look was some editing magic

Padma Lakshmi @PadmaLakshmi – Padma is totally the princess! She has a cutie-patootie twitter that is filled with warm thoughts and personal pics.

The 10th season of ‘Top Chef’ is nearing the finale and Brooke and Kristen will be cooking in front of live audience. I wonder what the judges will be tweeting during the airing of the show?

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  • http://Website Hooser

    Gotta love Hugh! Is he a permanent judge now? I hope so! I loved his retort to CJ about his burger.

  • http://Website Peggy

    I loved Sheldon’s comment about Tom’s eyes. LOL that was awesome! They way he held his hand out to the camera…too funny!