‘Top Chef’ Biggest Scandals – VIDEO #topchef

Ah yes, you can’t throw a bunch of cooks in a kitchen without the end result of DRAMA.

Top Chef’ is not short of scandals, drama and fights. Over the course of these past 10 seasons there have been numerous…we will call them “incidents” that have hit the fan.

Spike calling out a culinary master and judge for having frozen scallops in his cooler comes to mind. Oh yes, the pea puree-napping also made the cut. Executives for the show still don’t know what happened to it nor how Alex managed to produce a pea puree out of thin air.

Emotionally charged moments weren’t few or far between.

-Top 10 Top Chef Scandals-

10. Carla’s finale sous chef, Casey, took over. Her influence pretty much cost Carla the win. Every suggestion and alteration she made was called out by the judges.

9. Jamie managed to dodge challenges for the better part of her season. Eventually, Richard attempted to call her out for not cooking and asked about “her story” when it came to weaseling out of another challenge. Her response…a shrug.

8. Jen’s elimination was almost painful to watch in the All Stars season. She hit the retort button with gusto when discussing her under-seasoned egg.

7. Ty-Lor went nude. Before he was on Top Chef, he did an “artistic” photo-shoot that left him blushing and Tom laughing.

6. Spike’s scallop tirade and calling out Rick Tramonto made this moment more than awkward.

5. What better way to follow scallopgate. Shrimpgate! Loveable Keith was lured in by pre-cooked shrimp. It didn’t make his partner or the judges happy.

4. Tortillas finally sent Keith home. Bad decision after bad decision put his neck on the block again when he used flour tortillas instead of corn.

3. Marcel. UGH. Things never went smoothly when that guy was around. His blowout was a near head shaving incident after Cliff attempted to shear the chef.

2. It wouldn’t be a complete list without Sarah. She was the baddie of her season and the reunion showed her bitter side after she told Emeril ‘eff off.

And the #1 ‘Top Chef’ Scandal….

Were they any moments you think should have made the list?

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